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A Dying Art?



I finally gave in and got myself one. It took me a while to find it though. I went to a few places and was disappointed each time. It just goes to show how rarely people use this nowadays.

I refer to the fountain pen. Sleek, stylish, special. Nowadays people go for the roller-ball and the like. Dont get me wrong, those are very nice. But there some something, just something about signing with a fountain pen. What more a special coloured ink.

12_30Speaking of ink, what set me off was seeing a friend sign off in purple. Strong commanding purple, which I had not seen much in this part of the world. So I asked him to source my favourite turquoise blue for me. He came back with not only my request, but also purple. Well, having such amazing colours and only one fountain pen meant that I had to do something about the situation in order to show off what I had. Hence my search, which was a brilliant success. Love the colour, dont you? Writes superbly well too.

Oh, did I mention? The nib has to be BROAD, and not the fine, medium daily fare, in order to make your statement as you scribe…





We decided to treat ourselves so we chose to go for a movie. The four of us. We hadn’t been for one together in a while, especially since the older one left for further studies. Now that he was back for a short break, we felt we ought to make his time special.

So I was elected to make the bookings. Four tickets for the local cinema.

Well, I have to say, this was the most difficult booking yet. Was it the season? Was it the time of day? Was it my technique? I know not. I simply know that I had to make more than six attempts to complete the booking!


Les Miserables. Beyond description. Surely award winning….! Live singing, no lip synching, close ups of authentic passion…. I can’t continue… if you haven’t seen it yet, DONT MISS IT!!!


What a Run Up


Tiring? More like exhausting!

What a run-up to Christmas. Musicals and performances. Practices and rehearsals beforehand (OK, I know I just used two words with the same meaning. But that was for emphasis!!)12_21I must say that this has been quite a packed few months, culminating in an almost breathless few weeks. Amazing how everything came together as everyone pulled together. So very thankful! Many lives were touched by the musical and the storyline. But equally impacted, if not more, were the cast and crew involved. So thankful to have been a part of them in a small way….

Giving and Receiving


It has been fun. I organized a giving time for some people and a few days later, I was given something. Then that same afternoon I am asked to assist in giving once again.

My response?

In all honesty, I said, “GLADLY!”



And set about making a hamper for some special folk to say thanks on behalf of someone.

Don’t you just love this time of giving?





It’s that time of the year. Thinking back. Remembering. Being soppy and sentimental, and being dangerously close to “emo” moments. Ahhhhh

This photo doesn’t help. But I was reminded of it when I washed my hair and reached for my curlers. Yes, I still use curlers. I sleep in them too so there!

Anyway, as I was saying, I was reminded of this photo when I was setting my hair in curlers. This is my Mom’s box of curlers. She has two sizes, and I had used the green ones before taking this photo. What is so special about this box is that opened red box you see. It is possibly one of the last, if not the last metal box that used to hold Elastoplast plasters! It is probably older than I am, and that says a lot!

12_04My Mom has used it to hold her hair pins for eons. Haha! Anyone want to make a bid for it? Is there an Antique Road Show anywhere near where we live?




As the year end speedily approaches, presentations are being finalised. Many are already presented. Some have been shot down. Others are being adopted and preparations for implementation are already underway. Presentations are so important for any business to create a favorable impression and snap up a good customer. You want your prospective client to take notice of what you are trying to convey, be it a proposal, a new product and your service you can provide. Hence it is crucial to have print presentation folders that are professional in appearance from a reliable printer. If you havent got your act together yet, it is a tad too late for some companies. But there might still be time for others. Never too late to act!

Tune Up


Hmmm… whilst writing that last post, my PC seemed to lag. Not good. Since then, it seemed to be increasingly unresponsive to my cursor and mouse commands. I think I am going to need some help here. Perhaps a pc tune up from or something similar. And I had better do it soon lest I have more things to sort out in the long term. The idiom “a stitch in time saves nine” doesn’t seem very apt here for computers but that’s what comes to mind for now… yes, better shut down and pick up that telephone!

Oh Oh


I can’t believe I just watched wrestling on the television! Haha! I hardly ever watch such programmes. Contact sports are not my cup of tea. My mind works overtime…. I imagine the body fluids from an opponent being transferred after a closely fought contest. Haha! I will then have to get the right defense soap as the first step to prevent any “unhygienic attachments”. Scrub away, disinfect, and scrub again. No, not for me such sport.

But then, come to think of it, I used to swim… and can you imagine the fluids and discharges that go into the pool….? Oops and oh-oh! Where’s that soap?!

Under the Tree


Every year it is the same thing – It is always hard to get gifts for the men! Do you have the same problem? For me it is a perennial struggle Ha!

Worse when you get a gift and feel the obligation to return one!


Someone suggested that the metro male these days dont mind having natural products for health, medicines and supplements. Even beauty products. So I thought I would explore the weleda brand since I heard it is fast becoming the vogue since it got mentioned by Vogue. (Pun intended! I know, I know, it is rather weak! Haha!)


What Is It All About?


Mistletoe? Holly? Hmmmmmm

Gifts? Carols? Family get-togethers? More hmmmm.

This is what it is all about really. Turn up your speakers….