Making It Special

Hubby and I decided to get new wedding rings. Weird? Well, what happened was that some time ago, I had to go for a procedure which required me to take off metals… including my wedding ring. It was excruciating trying to get the ring off. Soap, oil, and much prayer finally did it. I decided to keep it off then.

Recently however, I have felt the “gap” on my finger. So we decided that after thirty years, we ought to get another set. What we hadn;t expected that that the price has gotten so high. Despite the big discount given by Hubby’s old friend who is a goldsmith, it was quite a sum. We wondered if we ought to have bought sterling silver jewelry instead. It would be the colour I am more comfortable with – always preferred the “white” metals and not the “yellow” gold ones… Still, I now wear my new ring with pride!

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