Patience and Changes

With all the time-to-go-shopping-because-it’s-Christmas atmosphere, I must admit I was a little caught up with it.

However, as I lined up at this shop yesterday to pay, I have to confess that I was not in a merry mood, nor a very charitable frame of mind. The lines were long. And I mean looooong. It was a shop I hardly frequented and as I held on to my purchase, I had a flashback, recalling why I didn’t like shopping there.

They still go manual. I mean manual as in key in everything. Honestly, if I hadn’t wanted that item so badly, I would have stormed off to the manager, losing my place in the queue. Life would be so much easier with a barcode scanner. Not only for payment, but also to keep track of supplies. I am told that you can go here for honeywell barcode scanners should you need one. I am seriously thinking of making a special trip just to speak to the manager…..

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