A Dying Art?


I finally gave in and got myself one. It took me a while to find it though. I went to a few places and was disappointed each time. It just goes to show how rarely people use this nowadays.

I refer to the fountain pen. Sleek, stylish, special. Nowadays people go for the roller-ball and the like. Dont get me wrong, those are very nice. But there some something, just something about signing with a fountain pen. What more a special coloured ink.

12_30Speaking of ink, what set me off was seeing a friend sign off in purple. Strong commanding purple, which I had not seen much in this part of the world. So I asked him to source my favourite turquoise blue for me. He came back with not only my request, but also purple. Well, having such amazing colours and only one fountain pen meant that I had to do something about the situation in order to show off what I had. Hence my search, which was a brilliant success. Love the colour, dont you? Writes superbly well too.

Oh, did I mention? The nib has to be BROAD, and not the fine, medium daily fare, in order to make your statement as you scribe…


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