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Building Castles?


Here we go again. A frenzy of talking and planning. There isn’t even anything firmed up yet. I suppose they are excited. The anticipation is sometimes overwhelming. The excitement builds as they talk…. even though there really isn’t anything there yet. Haha! Such is the dinner table talk tonight.

What do I refer to? The new church building! We were bursting at the seams. To accommodate the numbers, there are now extra services on Sunday, with the same music team and the same preacher. The breakout rooms are fully utilized, with none to spare. On some weekends, there are meetings from early morn till late. Some weekdays see people gathering for all sorts of meetings. It can be quite a task to juggle the booking of rooms, equipment and limited resources available.

Now the talk now has gone to the fittings and furnishings. Top on the list, apart from the sound and lights system, are the church pews chairs. They have to be comfy ones, but can’t be too comfy lest one falls asleep – now that will not do! I am glad we are all agreed on this. But wait, now they are deliberating on the colour! So many to choose from!

I think I shall take my leave at this point and let them carry on. As I said, nothing is confirmed, so it is almost like building castles in the air….

Meal times






It has occurred to me that I don’t like having a meal on my own. I would prefer to have a book in hand, or in today’s high-tech world, even the smartphone is good company. But eating alone and without reading fodder? No, that is not me at all. I couldn’t just sit and stare at my food as I spooned each mouthful in. I mean, I like my food and I often appreciate its appearance, but to stare at each and every morsel as I ate without thinking of anything else or engaging my mind on other matters would just be too intense for me!IMG_6495So I dislike eating alone. I am glad to have my Hubby, who is my best friend, to be at most of my breakfasts and dinners. I love it when my Arrows can join me too. Indeed, I like company at mealtimes. Actually, to be precise, good company over a leisurely and lovely meal in appropriate ambience is how I like my meal times.

Yesssss! I am now going to plan my next one!


The Season



The whole day. The entire day. It rained. And rained. And rained.

It was either heavy or a drizzle. And by heavy, I mean tropical monsoon style, with lashing winds and driving rain.

IMG_6123Some places flooded. Sigh. Some places were impassable. Some folk didn’t get to work. Children were late for school as their parents queued to drop them in shaded areas snaked around corners and out the school gates.

But I know some places need the rain. Ah well.

I am suddenly reminded of the Bible verse Matthew 5:44 which says “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” Thoughtful fodder….

Music Muso


Our youngest Arrow is currently learning how to play the bass guitar from an experienced bassist. The two older Arrows are already quite accomplished on the keyboard and the guitar, playing for teams even now in the respective countries (continents!) where they are. Meanwhile our foster son who is working across the South China Sea, is into percussion and drums. When the whole family gather together, which is only once in a while now, our home is full of music. This is no exaggeration as we have all the aforementioned instruments at home, except the drum. For that, the keyboard’s electronic percussion is often used as the substitute.

Sometimes foster son opts to drum on boxes and cans! On one occasion, someone, seeing him do just that, suggested that we should get him an electronic drum set. I gather it doesn’t take up too much space and most importantly for the neighbours, the volume can be controlled, unlike the normal full drum set which can be a cacophony when enthusiastically played late at night!

Presently however, all but the youngest Arrow is at home…. and it gets rather quiet… so perhaps we will have to think again before we increase the instruments…. We shall see…..

Stretch and Stress





Self-inflicted stress I should add to the title of this post.

I went for my first ever Pilates class! Pronounced pee-lat-tays, it was quite a good workout. I found myself sweating when doing the warm-up exercises. Which also goes to show how terribly unfit I am!

The warm-ups moved on to stretching. Wow. Wonderful. Then to balancing, which I failed dismally. The ball was fun but distracting in some way. The next section was mat work with the ball to support the coccyx. That was better.

IMG_5880Later we went back to other exercises but I have decided that on my own, I need to work on the balancing one, ball or no ball.

I left, after signing up for the next class, gingerly making my way down the stairs to the car. I felt weak! And I knew I would ache later…



Magical Moment



No other words to describe this. A butterfly landing on your hand, staying with you even as you walk about. Isn’t that absolutely magical?ButterflyFarmWe discovered this place when we went out as family for a long drive. Apparently it is a tree Nymph, commonly found in butterfly parks. Its scientific name  is Idea leuconoe and isendemic in Malaysia, southern Thailand, Philippines and Sumatra. Also known as Rice Paper or Paper Kite, it is apt. So delicate you can see through its translucent wings.


Enjoying my Cuppa



Do you like this cup? It’s my Mother’s Day 2012 gift from the church. I love it. I helped to choose the gifts and I decided that this one would look nice on my desk. Haha! Don’t you agree it looks nice?

01_04My favourite brew is earl grey and I like it with a dash of evaporated milk. No sugar, thank you.

Arrow #3 decided to get me the perfect complement – the coaster. Don’t you think it looks perfect with the cup perched on it? They go so well together!


Trifling with trifle


It is probably nothing new to most of you. But for me, it was a big thing. I think the last time I tried this, it was a major failure. So this is something super new.

I made trifle.

Don’t laugh.

It turned out pretty decent actually. Haha! See?

IMG_5752Personally I am not keen on trifle. But I like the look of it and somehow I fancied making it.

Personally I am thankful that Hubby and Arrow #3 ate a glass each. Phew!

Most of all though, I am relieved that some of Arrow #2’s friends came over and ate the lot.

The end!