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Stretch and Stress





Self-inflicted stress I should add to the title of this post.

I went for my first ever Pilates class! Pronounced pee-lat-tays, it was quite a good workout. I found myself sweating when doing the warm-up exercises. Which also goes to show how terribly unfit I am!

The warm-ups moved on to stretching. Wow. Wonderful. Then to balancing, which I failed dismally. The ball was fun but distracting in some way. The next section was mat work with the ball to support the coccyx. That was better.

IMG_5880Later we went back to other exercises but I have decided that on my own, I need to work on the balancing one, ball or no ball.

I left, after signing up for the next class, gingerly making my way down the stairs to the car. I felt weak! And I knew I would ache later…