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Our youngest Arrow is currently learning how to play the bass guitar from an experienced bassist. The two older Arrows are already quite accomplished on the keyboard and the guitar, playing for teams even now in the respective countries (continents!) where they are. Meanwhile our foster son who is working across the South China Sea, is into percussion and drums. When the whole family gather together, which is only once in a while now, our home is full of music. This is no exaggeration as we have all the aforementioned instruments at home, except the drum. For that, the keyboard’s electronic percussion is often used as the substitute.

Sometimes foster son opts to drum on boxes and cans! On one occasion, someone, seeing him do just that, suggested that we should get him an electronic drum set. I gather it doesn’t take up too much space and most importantly for the neighbours, the volume can be controlled, unlike the normal full drum set which can be a cacophony when enthusiastically played late at night!

Presently however, all but the youngest Arrow is at home…. and it gets rather quiet… so perhaps we will have to think again before we increase the instruments…. We shall see…..

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