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Meal times






It has occurred to me that I don’t like having a meal on my own. I would prefer to have a book in hand, or in today’s high-tech world, even the smartphone is good company. But eating alone and without reading fodder? No, that is not me at all. I couldn’t just sit and stare at my food as I spooned each mouthful in. I mean, I like my food and I often appreciate its appearance, but to stare at each and every morsel as I ate without thinking of anything else or engaging my mind on other matters would just be too intense for me!IMG_6495So I dislike eating alone. I am glad to have my Hubby, who is my best friend, to be at most of my breakfasts and dinners. I love it when my Arrows can join me too. Indeed, I like company at mealtimes.¬†Actually, to be precise, good company over a leisurely and lovely meal in appropriate ambience is how I like my meal times.

Yesssss! I am now going to plan my next one!