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Butterfly Box



A friend lent me a stamp the other day. It was a special stamp. For butterflies! So I decided to stamp lost of them out. I used coloured paper of all sorts. Envelopes were not spared. Even magazines were raised. Invitation cards too. And yes, even my special stash of scented paper! What joy! Just look at them! I feel a smile spreading on my face even as I look at them.



I plan to bless some people with them!

Gastronomic Gallery


It has been a season of eating. And eating. And more eating. The lunar new year calls for two weeks of celebrations which only ended yesterday. There are snacks and tidbits to be served and consumed. Special drinks and dishes to be prepared and cooked. The customary mandarin orange has to be put on display as part of the fare. Not to mention specialities proudly cooked in many a home.

IMG_7277Ours was no different, but I must say that I am glad that the season is over. I need to regain the lost waistline!

Hardware Stuff


I discovered an interesting site…. and my Texan cousin, who is a DIY buff would love it! He likes to repair, maintain and replace parts in his house and car. He will be glad to get his bits and pieces such as fasteners at That place will be like a treasure chest for him! I can just see him rubbing his hands with glee Haha!

Selecting Spares


We drive a Toyota which is now 6 years old. That means parts need replacing. Original parts from authorised appointed mechanics are expensive therefore knowing where to get the best selection toyota oem parts will save costs. We are glad to be able to source parts from good sources, especially when we come across this!


Yes, someone hit our bumper and drove off…. Sigh…. Need to spend time to forgive whoever did this….


Introducing Myself


To some, I am an office manager. Others would know me as someone who speaks to groups doing motivational talks. I am also a certified Human Behaviour Analyst (What a mouthful!) This means I get to  meet all kinds of people – something I enjoy. Even in my office work, I often meet new people who come by.

Just recently, my business cards ran out and I am now looking to design and order business cards. It is not easy to find one who can design something that will meet my needs…!

Enjoying the Traffic Jam


So I went back to the Pilates class. Not once but a few times since. What’s more, I bought my own ball!

PilatesBallBut what has been really good is that I now find myself enjoying traffic jams and red lights. They give me opportunity to put into practice some of the tightening, breathing and postural exercices I learn. I no longer suffer from sciatica, nor do I tire as easily as before. Definitely a good idea to go for that class!


The Best Place


I am convinced – I live in the best place in the world. God paints me a new sunset daily and I have the best view. Biased? Not at all! Haha! SunsetKKJust wait till Chinese New Year eve comes round. I can see fireworks from the vantage point of my home. The entire horizon lights up, albeit at different times! I wonder whether anyone bothers to synchronize their watch with the correct time! Or perhaps they are just being enthusiastic…. Anyway, even the neighbourhood joins in the festivities. We get to enjoy fireworks blasting from all sides  and even the housing estate below us, causing us to cram our necks to see where the next one will be let off. Our photography skills are put to the test yearly. Interspersing sounds of “Ohhhh”s and “Ahhh”s with “Waaaaa” and admiring silence, our friends and family join us to delight in this special time of the year in our special place, that is, our home.

Roll on this weekend!