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Popiah is Pronounced Pop-pee-ah



I went back to my hometown recently. First thing upon arrival, even though it was almost half past ten at night, it was straight to the food court! Thankfully some stalls were still open. My brother-in-law went straight to the stall which sold my favourite dish. There is no place that comes close to making it the way they do it in my home town. It must be the surrounding limestone hills seeping affecting the water!

This is called Popiah. Rice flour skin wraps. Stewed local turnip. Fried dried prawns. A few slices of fried egg and cucumber. Some add a few pieces of toufu too but I prefer mine without. Then there is the sauce. The locals call it the sweet sauce. Roll all the ingredients into the skin and slice and voila – my precious popiah~!
PopiahOne bite and I have a Ratatouille-the-movie-moment – a trip down memory lane!


Tea Time



Decided to have tea by myself the other day. What a funny feeling that was! My norm is to sit quietly by myself, not go out and mingle or sit in a noisy place alone.

This time I decided to go by a place I hadn’t visited in a while. It was relatively quiet and I managed to sit and snack.

IMG_0587Might do it again one day soon…


Improving Guitaring


My Ovation guitar had to undergo some major repairs the other day. Considering that it is older than my own Arrow #3, I guess it’s not doing too badly.

When it came back, I have to confess that I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t what I expected… and yet what DID I expect? I am not sure. Certainly not a perfectly new as before one… And yet I was disappointed, especially with the sound.

OvationSo I passed it to a friend who is in the music business and he tested it. And played it….. and approved it! He said one should play to the guitar and not try to force it. Well, that made sense and at the same time I wondered why I never thought about it before! So I guess I now need to get myself a tuner to make sure my equipment is sufficient. I need to check where there are guitar tuners for sale and get a decent one…. SO many to choose from! But God enables!

Appearances Can Be Deceiving



Everyone today has stopped at my desk as they walk in or out of the office! It’s quite fun to see their various reactions. Some would pause in midstep because they were rushing by. Others would turn slowly and walk over – they just had to check it out for themselves.

Are those shiny leaves for real? Is the entire plant real?

LeavesWell, the answer is YES. Amazingly shiny leaves are as a result of some “polish” the landscape team have added to bring not only a shine but some healthy plant food stuff, thereby the gleaming and almost artificial appearance. Fun to watch people’s reactions. haha!


Unexpected Visitor



Arrow #3 and I were at our study tables when suddenly Hubby came in a little excitedly. We wondered what was going on. Then Arrow #3 jumped because Hubby put something on the table next to her.

“OH!” changed to “Awwwww” when she realised it was a baby bat.

But she still didn’t want to pick it up! Haha! Mama had to do it instead!

VisitorIsn’t it so the cutest? We let it go after taking photos…. It was a nice though unexpected visit which led to short conversation and learning experience about bats for Arrow #3. Neat!


Comfort during Uncertain times


Rumours and more rumours.

One school closed early. Children are held back from class. Young ones are pulled out from work earlier.

The fears are almost palpable.

Whatsapp messages sent and re-sent. Short messages abound. Texts sent at all hours of the day and night.

Work is being left undone because people can’t concentrate or are paralyzed and stay home.

In our house, we try to stay sane and normal. And I just hug my blanket a little more.

BlanketMy blanket. It came hand carried by my Mom for our wedding which was held overseas. It is now worn, torn and falling apart. But it gives me comfort as I wrap myself in it each time. Nice. This, and my relationship with my God, sees me through. Comforts me. Sustains me. Guides me.

I am thankful.


Famous – for the wrong reasons



Something isn’t right. Not when out of the blue a few hundred people come, dressed in army fatigues and holding weapons, demanding that they have rights to the land.

That’s what happened recently. I think it made worldwide headlines.

HongYiAnd I live here. Wow. The rumours that spread. The fears that disseminated. Even the common cold could not beat the rate the shivers went out.

We wait with bated breath…. and we pray.


Music Magic


Music is so important to our family. Our firstborn plays the piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and we are not sure what else. Our second Arrow is into music much more than we anticipated. He is not only playing bass guitar, but also acoustic and even lead. He is also very much into sound systems and making music. Maybe this is the system he is looking for to create some of the sounds he wants. Arrow #3 takes after her brothers and is into the bass guitar as well. It is quite fun to see her pint-sized body managing a piece of equipment almost as big as she is!

Me? I love music but can’t play as well as they do. Mine is just the guitar. My Ovation. Nice?


An Outdoor Adventure


Recently we went for a jungle trek up in a hill 30 minutes from where we live. Two and a half hours of trekking in and out of a valley with little time to pause. I kid you not. It was SOME experience! We are thankful for our guide, without whom we would not have lasted long!

Kokol HillsThere is a lovely spring waters stream in this part of virgin jungle. The water is so clear, you can drink directly from it. Our guide did!

One of these days, we might want to stay there for a night let two. We are toying with the idea of buying a tent such as theĀ Sierra Designs Flash 2 Tent. There is no electricity, so tents it will have to be!

Butterfly Blessings


Like I said in my last post, I was going to bless someone. Haha! And so I did.

Passed it as part of her birthday gift.

Birthday Bloom

Wow I must say that the flowers look nice in this photo!

Anyway, later she sent me a photo to show me where the butterflies ended up. I like it! She says they remind her to be joyful, even when hard-pressed at work!

Butterfly BlessingsLove the idea! Don’t you?