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Music Magic


Music is so important to our family. Our firstborn plays the piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and we are not sure what else. Our second Arrow is into music much more than we anticipated. He is not only playing bass guitar, but also acoustic and even lead. He is also very much into sound systems and making music. Maybe this is the system he is looking for to create some of the sounds he wants. Arrow #3 takes after her brothers and is into the bass guitar as well. It is quite fun to see her pint-sized body managing a piece of equipment almost as big as she is!

Me? I love music but can’t play as well as they do. Mine is just the guitar. My Ovation. Nice?


An Outdoor Adventure


Recently we went for a jungle trek up in a hill 30 minutes from where we live. Two and a half hours of trekking in and out of a valley with little time to pause. I kid you not. It was SOME experience! We are thankful for our guide, without whom we would not have lasted long!

Kokol HillsThere is a lovely spring waters stream in this part of virgin jungle. The water is so clear, you can drink directly from it. Our guide did!

One of these days, we might want to stay there for a night let two. We are toying with the idea of buying a tent such as theĀ Sierra Designs Flash 2 Tent. There is no electricity, so tents it will have to be!