Comfort during Uncertain times

Rumours and more rumours.

One school closed early. Children are held back from class. Young ones are pulled out from work earlier.

The fears are almost palpable.

Whatsapp messages sent and re-sent. Short messages abound. Texts sent at all hours of the day and night.

Work is being left undone because people can’t concentrate or are paralyzed and stay home.

In our house, we try to stay sane and normal. And I just hug my blanket a little more.

BlanketMy blanket. It came hand carried by my Mom for our wedding which was held overseas. It is now worn, torn and falling apart. But it gives me comfort as I wrap myself in it each time. Nice. This, and my relationship with my God, sees me through. Comforts me. Sustains me. Guides me.

I am thankful.


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