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Popiah is Pronounced Pop-pee-ah



I went back to my hometown recently. First thing upon arrival, even though it was almost half past ten at night, it was straight to the food court! Thankfully some stalls were still open. My brother-in-law went straight to the stall which sold my favourite dish. There is no place that comes close to making it the way they do it in my home town. It must be the surrounding limestone hills seeping affecting the water!

This is called Popiah. Rice flour skin wraps. Stewed local turnip. Fried dried prawns. A few slices of fried egg and cucumber. Some add a few pieces of toufu too but I prefer mine without. Then there is the sauce. The locals call it the sweet sauce. Roll all the ingredients into the skin and slice and voila – my precious popiah~!
PopiahOne bite and I have a Ratatouille-the-movie-moment – a trip down memory lane!