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Advertising Apts



Well, in case anyone didn’t know, the country I reside in is having its 13th General Elections. Due to the improved availability of media access, the information going out is quite amazing. Many a person in the street is talking about it whereas previously they would not even think about going to cast their vote. Some are returning from overseas. In the past, only armed forces and their families were permitted to cast postal votes. This year, for the first time, ordinary citizens are permitted to do so.

With this being the hottest even General Elections, it is  no wonder that some companies have taken advantage of the hype to promote their products.

BurgerPretty neat I thought. Simple and effective.


Do Not Eat



I don’t know about you, but to be given an appetite-inducing box of chips and see this written on it just as you are about to open it is just……! One can either laugh or go HUH????! IMG_2270I laughed and opened it … to find that it was already partially consumed!

NO WONDER I was “forbidden” to eat it!


Bumper Crop



I came home today to see a something really big taking up the space of the wet kitchen floor. Combs and combs of bananas from our garden!
BananasAren’t they big? The yellow ones were just bought from the market – we didn’t know that this tree was ripe for the plucking, which is exactly what my household helper did whilst we were getting fresh produce and groceries.

Having said that, these green ones are actually better fried or steamed. The yellow ones are nice when mixed into a juice with something like pineapple. YUM! Wonderful way to start the day!


Pedometer Pressure



Pedometer –



An instrument for estimating the distance traveled on foot by recording the number of steps taken.


Seems pretty simple right?

Well, I just got told off by mine!

IMG_1783No, I am NOT going to get out of bed and do something about it…. !


Weathering the Wet and Windy


Just as I was going to sign off, the thunderstorm hit. What a mad scramble to shut the windows!

We have been having problems closing the windows in our master bedroom. For some reason, they do not seem to close completely. You can see the gaps. Thankfully, despite what our eyes see, heavy thunderstorm and horizontal rain doing their worst thus far onto these windows have never seen any water get through. Amazingly we dont feel any draft either; even with howling winds outside. It doesn’t make sense, but we are thankful.

Having said that, we still ought to get them fixed and maybe a change of levers for these windows might do the trick, provided they don’t compromise the integrity of the windows!

Looking Ahead Again


Our recent social network sites have seen activity also about our two older Arrows. These young men are now in their early twenties. Both are handsome (ahem!), socially adept and of course, eligible! Many online photos tagged by their friends usually show them with pretty young ladies nearby. Sometimes VERY nearby! Most of the time, these photos are posted by the girls!

Truth be told, we cannot help but think maybe it will soon be time for them to consider a relationship. As parents, obviously only the best will do. Not just in the choice of partner but  also the symbols of marriage; such as the kind of ceremony, the venue and of course the women and men’s wedding bands just to mention a few. Of course the couples will have their own choices, taste and decisions. But Momma can give suggestions right? Haha!

Four-legged Intrusions


Our usually quiet neighborhood has recently seen a surge in canines. Some appear pure breed and some obviously mutts, the latter being pets as well as strays. So much so that one of our neighbors who moved in recently has had so many sleepless nights from the pure breed small house dog that he is thinking of selling and leaving! Poor guy!

For us, we have occasional intrusion from the stray dogs who want to come in to eat the food we give our mutt named Sprite. Sometimes we think a wireless electric fence for dogs  might come in handy.

DogDoesn’t it look tame and mild? Strangely enough the birds don’t mind them…


Election Fever


Well, my nation has finally called for elections. Parliament dissolved for this – national and all but one state. Flags flying everywhere now that nomination day is over and we know who the candidates are. There is much being posted online. My social network has never been busier. The e-newspapers are being checked so very often…

However, despite the domination of electronic media and social network in passing information attention there is still a place for prints. People still like the feel of prints on paper, and not everyone will have access to the internet all the time. So just as we discovered in our letter box the other day, many still resort to cheap brochure printing. Cheap but in my books, can still be effective if the right target group is reached – the older, less techy-savvy, and perhaps not so conversant in any language but their mother tongue…

Spring Cleaning Mode


Spring cleaning in a country which only has two seasons – the hot and wet, and the very hot and very wet. That is what I have been doing in bits and pieces, on my off days.

Along the way I note that we have a few coins from a few countries we have been to; coins left over after a visit. I keep them for sentimental and memories sake, assuming that there is no other value to them.

When I showed it to Hubby however, he said that apparently there is a market for modern coins! I used to think coins collectors collect old and out of circulation coins but he said that someone told him to have a look at

Since I have paused in my spring cleaning mode presently, I will certainly take note on my next session!

Meanwhile, thinking of spring and seeing those coins make me wonder about our next overseas trip….

Fun Way to Learn



Did I ever mention that I am a trained Human Behaviour Analyst? (What a mouthful) Well, I conducted a Getting-to-know-yourself session with some young folk. The organisers entitled it “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?”. The publicity was highlighted with troll faces and said with a sassy attitude (which I couldn’t mimic!)

About 30 people signed up. Nice number.

We had fun in the big group and went silly in the smaller groups. But all the time, intent on learning, and learn they did. Even meal and break times were  moments to be utilized.

IMG_1534Seeing their faces as they left the room, getting their feedback over the next few days…. satisfying indeed. It made all the standing for almost 8 hours worthwhile.