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Age and Size


Hubby and I went for a reunion recently. What fun to meet up with old friends. What fun to try to guess who old friends were! As we grow older we not only age but we also grew in size, and mainly sideways!

Over dinner and the few days we had, we looked at our teenage photos. As we poured over the pictures, it was amazing to see how small we were, and how wide we have since become! I suppose we were much more active in sports and games then. So  it looks like if we ever want to be active again we have to have a look at junonia for plus size activewear to get anything that might fit!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.41.47 PMNote the size of the observer in the background! Haha!




We were staying with some relatives’ home for a few days whilst on holidays. Both Hubby and I found it an amazing stay. Over the years they have accumulated so much! They do not seem to believe in throwing the old and broken. Nor do they like to say goodbye to old, faded, falling apart books. As their children grew and left home they kept the children’s things – sentimental you know. Hubby thinks that in my diplomatic way, I should suggest they do something about all the stuff – buy racks and stands, get more shelves, ANYTHING, to tidy up the place! It was hard to even walk from one end of the tiny room to the other just to get something we wanted…. Oh dear… this sounds like something out of a reality show!

Acapella and More


Whilst still on the theme of music …. oh how I love music….. Recently my son introduced me to some sites. Did you know that there is a competition dedicated to only acapella singers? Beat-boxers have their field day then! It is such joy and fun to listen and watch them perform.

There are many such sites, and if you want to purchase these wonderful music, just search for them on the internet!

And now, back to surfing the net for more pleasures!



If you met someone who owned four guitars and a ukulele, you might think he was not only a serious guitarist, but also someone with too much money to spend. Thankfully, our son is not a spendrift though he does enjoy playing with good guitars. Many of his peers are also guitarists. Between them, they try to achieve the perfect sound from the perfect instrument… within their not-so-perfect budget! Guitar3

Good Maintenance


It’s been a few months since I have my guitar repaired. It’s still being used periodically, which is more than it was in the year before!IMG_0282The only problem now is that it tends to be kept in it’s carry case. Sometimes people close it and that’s not good for the guitar. It needs to be kept in open space, not too hot, not too humid. I think the time has come for me to consider going to shop guitar wall hanger at wwbw. Otherwise all the money I spent on repairing it will come to naught.

I havent decided which wall would be best to hang it on, but it will definitely need to be in a place of pride!

Mellow Moments



Once in a while, it is just nice to sit down with a hot cuppa and chill. (I know, that was a pretty contradictory statement! But that’s just what came to mind when I look at this photo)936831_10151649279709879_1180481088_nHubby and I don’t often get to do this. But when we do, it’s nice. Mellow Moments where we can just sit and go mmmmmmm and hardly say anything at all.

Just nice.


Promoting Music


Another of our loves is music. Hubby and I have a wide range in taste. It is hard for the children to imagine their Dad head-banging in his teenage years! Ha ha!

When I grew up I recall the neighbour showing off their special Chinese channel radio called Redifusion by blasting the music loud enough for the next street to hear.

Over the years, science and technology improved. We could even carry the music around with audio cassette tapes. They gave problems of course but I became adept in repairs, even patching some of my favourite music. It was a novel thing to record on cassette and email chunky padded envelopes to loved ones. Yes, I did that!

Then came along the 5¼ inch disk drive – floppy as it was affectionately called. Followed by the 3-inch – more rigid and greater capacity of storage. Then came along the CD. Re-writeable ones were be THE thing!

With the emergence of the USB drive popularly called thumb drive or pen drive it appeared this was a breakthrough that made leaps and bounds in data storage and data transfer.

Having said that, DVDs are still around. They are comparatively cheap for data storage and are stable. Hence most music and even movies are still being sold in DVDs. Many are even recorded in DVD. In fact, for many budding musicians, it is cheaper to give away a DVD recording than a USB drive. It is also attractive in packaging. You can put so much more information on the outside compared to that of a USB drive.

So yes, my Hubby and I enjoy our music collection. We just need to work out a cheap and good way to salvage and resurrect our audio cassettes since some are not available on the market in digital form!

To the Mountain


From fine dining, to more treats!

Once in a while we usually go away to the mountains. We enjoy these “personal retreats”. The chalets there are quaint, and being up at the foot of the highest mountain in Borneo, it is often cold in the nights. This is why, despite being near the equator, these chalets have nice, soothing modern floor fireplaces built in. Nothing beats having a hot cuppa in one hand and a riveting book in the other, curled up next to a crackling wood fire, inside the house when it is cold and windy outside. The dancing flames and light are therapeutic to the weary body and soul.

Now to get the calendar out and compare mine with Hubby’s!

Fine Dining



Just to add on to my last post about special dinners, I want to make it clear that I am not the only beneficiary to such dinners Ha ha! What do I mean? Behold!IMG_4443An entire flight of red wines! And I do not drink! (I am allergie to the stuff) So Hubby is the one who gets to enjoy this!

Not bad eh?


Special Demands that Demand Special Dinners


Of late Hubby has had to make trips away more. Sigh (Is that why I get taken out to dinner more often Hee Hee!) He now has to go into plantations that are often quagmires and muddy! Ordinary shoes not only get bogged down and stuck in the mud but also a nightmare to clean after (I should ask for MORE special dinners!) Some days I think the shoes are ruined….

So now I tell him he has to get some special shoes for this sort of work.

To be precise, he needs boots. With these, He can wash boots down from the hose outside the house before he comes in. Then we will both be happy… Of course I will still want my dinners!