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Saving Up


Well, the General Elections is over here… for now. There is talk about a lot of irregularities going on, and in particular, people are concerned about the financial status of the nation. Some say the nation is going into bankruptcy under the present government! Strong words, and is translated to many trying to do their bit to save. Some serious investors, like a friend of mine, look towards gold and platinum coins. He tells me that these are a hedge from the uncertainty of paper currencies. Perhaps he is right, because despite the current slump in prices, the trend is still upwards. The current political climate is is making my Hubby consider doing likewise…


Mattress Matters


Taking a break from the gastronomic documentary, for your information, we just bought a mattress.

“So what’s the big deal”, I can hear you ask.

Well, up until we bought this, we have been one mattress short! Haha! Some days when we have visitors, we have to plan the musical chairs of mattresses… except this is more like musical mattresses. Haha!

We have always bought mattresses that are firm and hygienic. Over the years we found that we trusted mattress latex ones as the  material that could give us a good night’s rest – it does not deteriorate quickly and it supports our backs very well.

MattressSo after the hefting and heaving of the mattress up the stairs by ourselves, Hubby and Arrow #3 enjoyed a quick rest on it before being on their way again Haha!


Savouring Sicilian Style


We were told that the spaghetti was good. Not a traditional style one but with a slight whiff of other herbs because the chef is from Sicily. How could we resist?! So I ordered it.428696_10151649242479879_1411655210_nIn the dimmed warm lighting, the serving looked fantastic. A dash of black pepper and I eagerly tucked in.

Surprisingly, the taste was not what I expected. The golden-red hues teased me to anticipate strong flavours. Instead I had a gentle caress at the tip to the back of my tongue. Delicate but nicely balanced. Not an unpleasant surprise. Makes me think I ought to read up more about Sicilian diet and taste!

Overall, very pleasant. Hubby and I shared, and he finished it!

Mobile Phones Galore



Every time they gather for a meeting, or a music practice, this happens – to avoid being distracted, they produce a basket and everyone drops their mobile phones in. How’s that for discipline? IMG_6966Oh, and i forgot to mention. These phones? They belong to teenagers. Youths who would normally otherwise never be parted with their Precioussssss.

Yes, some of them own pretty expensive phones!