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Promoting Music


Another of our loves is music. Hubby and I have a wide range in taste. It is hard for the children to imagine their Dad head-banging in his teenage years! Ha ha!

When I grew up I recall the neighbour showing off their special Chinese channel radio called Redifusion by blasting the music loud enough for the next street to hear.

Over the years, science and technology improved. We could even carry the music around with audio cassette tapes. They gave problems of course but I became adept in repairs, even patching some of my favourite music. It was a novel thing to record on cassette and email chunky padded envelopes to loved ones. Yes, I did that!

Then came along the 5¼ inch disk drive – floppy as it was affectionately called. Followed by the 3-inch – more rigid and greater capacity of storage. Then came along the CD. Re-writeable ones were be THE thing!

With the emergence of the USB drive popularly called thumb drive or pen drive it appeared this was a breakthrough that made leaps and bounds in data storage and data transfer.

Having said that, DVDs are still around. They are comparatively cheap for data storage and are stable. Hence most music and even movies are still being sold in DVDs. Many are even recorded in DVD. In fact, for many budding musicians, it is cheaper to give away a DVD recording than a USB drive. It is also attractive in packaging. You can put so much more information on the outside compared to that of a USB drive.

So yes, my Hubby and I enjoy our music collection. We just need to work out a cheap and good way to salvage and resurrect our audio cassettes since some are not available on the market in digital form!