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Age and Size


Hubby and I went for a reunion recently. What fun to meet up with old friends. What fun to try to guess who old friends were! As we grow older we not only age but we also grew in size, and mainly sideways!

Over dinner and the few days we had, we looked at our teenage photos. As we poured over the pictures, it was amazing to see how small we were, and how wide we have since become! I suppose we were much more active in sports and games then. So  it looks like if we ever want to be active again we have to have a look at junonia for plus size activewear to get anything that might fit!

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.41.47 PMNote the size of the observer in the background! Haha!





We were staying with some relatives’ home for a few days whilst on holidays. Both Hubby and I found it an amazing stay. Over the years they have accumulated so much! They do not seem to believe in throwing the old and broken. Nor do they like to say goodbye to old, faded, falling apart books. As their children grew and left home they kept the children’s things – sentimental you know. Hubby thinks that in my diplomatic way, I should suggest they do something about all the stuff – buy racks and stands, get more shelves, ANYTHING, to tidy up the place! It was hard to even walk from one end of the tiny room to the other just to get something we wanted…. Oh dear… this sounds like something out of a reality show!