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More in the Letter Box


With the General Elections over, you would think that we would have our letter boxes back.

What do I mean? Well, during the run-up, we would come home and find our letter boxes stuffed with literature. This campaign period was two weeks of busy-busy-busy sifting through our regular mail from the publicity papers. One would have thought that since so many things are digital, from advertising contents, magazines and books to the social media on the internet, people would not refer to the printing press anymore.

But not so fast. Prints is very much alive as most people still like the feel of a hard copy, be it a book or magazine. And obviously brochures never went out of fashion. Why? Because it is more convenient to give out brochures than to email contents to someone we do not have contact with on the street. Or as in this case, whom we hope will vote for us even though we have no personal contact!  So don’t write off the brochure printing companies yet, breathe a sigh of relief that the GE is over, and yes, look out for some other regular mail…. !


Lamb Shank



Now I MUST tell you about the lamb we had the other night. I kid you not. It was so tender that the meat slid off the bone super smooth and easy. Just look at it!

21088_10151649245679879_482384096_nThe sauce was a perfect complement. And there was just enough of it – the way food served at fine dining should be.

The vegetables? Diced carrots and celery were surprisingly a good combination to go with the entire dish – both the taste and texture were yum!!! As a vegetable lover, I found myself looking for more. Haha!

So yes, nice food… stay tuned for more coming up later….

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you where…

Hmmmm best to leave it for now. It was a review we did. So we can’t reveal it yet HeeHee!


Saving Up


Well, the General Elections is over here… for now. There is talk about a lot of irregularities going on, and in particular, people are concerned about the financial status of the nation. Some say the nation is going into bankruptcy under the present government! Strong words, and is translated to many trying to do their bit to save. Some serious investors, like a friend of mine, look towards gold and platinum coins. He tells me that these are a hedge from the uncertainty of paper currencies. Perhaps he is right, because despite the current slump in prices, the trend is still upwards. The current political climate is is making my Hubby consider doing likewise…

Mattress Matters


Taking a break from the gastronomic documentary, for your information, we just bought a mattress.

“So what’s the big deal”, I can hear you ask.

Well, up until we bought this, we have been one mattress short! Haha! Some days when we have visitors, we have to plan the musical chairs of mattresses… except this is more like musical mattresses. Haha!

We have always bought mattresses that are firm and hygienic. Over the years we found that we trusted mattress latex ones as the  material that could give us a good night’s rest – it does not deteriorate quickly and it supports our backs very well.

MattressSo after the hefting and heaving of the mattress up the stairs by ourselves, Hubby and Arrow #3 enjoyed a quick rest on it before being on their way again Haha!


Savouring Sicilian Style


We were told that the spaghetti was good. Not a traditional style one but with a slight whiff of other herbs because the chef is from Sicily. How could we resist?! So I ordered it.428696_10151649242479879_1411655210_nIn the dimmed warm lighting, the serving looked fantastic. A dash of black pepper and I eagerly tucked in.

Surprisingly, the taste was not what I expected. The golden-red hues teased me to anticipate strong flavours. Instead I had a gentle caress at the tip to the back of my tongue. Delicate but nicely balanced. Not an unpleasant surprise. Makes me think I ought to read up more about Sicilian diet and taste!

Overall, very pleasant. Hubby and I shared, and he finished it!

Mobile Phones Galore



Every time they gather for a meeting, or a music practice, this happens – to avoid being distracted, they produce a basket and everyone drops their mobile phones in. How’s that for discipline? IMG_6966Oh, and i forgot to mention. These phones? They belong to teenagers. Youths who would normally otherwise never be parted with their Precioussssss.

Yes, some of them own pretty expensive phones!


Celebration Fest



So Hubby takes me for dinner at a fine dining restaurant at the edge of the South China Sea (This is not an exaggeration. Just a boast! Ha!)

The occasion? Pre-Mother’s Day. Also a chance to review some nice food. Yum…. Oh, and yes, it is free. So why not….

Whilst waiting for our main course, we have a bread basket to nibble on. I love those long sticks. Dont know the name but enjoy gnawing at them.

944682_10151649223814879_625747190_nThen there is that wafer thin piece. Love it. Crunchy with flavour.

But after that, I must stop. Otherwise there is no room for the rest of the evening’s meal!


She’s Here!


Well now, what can you say to someone who has three sons, two grandchildren and then remarries and has yet another child – a girl this time……. Yes indeed! Get out the champagne, the best little cigars, the trumpets, the cymbals and drums….! The age difference is twenty years – I kid you not! Whilst I don’t envy their night-times at this age, I am certain he will make a superb Dad. His three sons are a testimony to that! Now for the baby pictures….

Places to Stay


Just heard the news that our long time friends who reside in London want to bequeath their only child a piece of property, an investment they are going to make in Austria. I gather that it is a heritage building, located in a small town near the alps and lakes – a part of the world dubbed “Paradise on earth” by many tourists. And guess what? They wanted me to be the trustee for the will! They say I have the privilege to go holiday anytime we like. Sounds grand? I think so! Now, Hubby hopes they will also invest in some paris luxe apts too. Haha!

Intensity Builds



And so the intensity builds. Tension can be stressful. Politics can be dirty. Words spoken can be hurtful. Reactions can be damaging.

Many are praying for peace and for righteousness.