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A Strange Visitor


Just as I was extolling the niceties of my friend’s abode, when who should decide to pay us a visit, as if to say either one of two things :-

One, your place is a dump and frogs like me like it. I mean, look at all the mosquitoes I can catch here!

Two, I think this place is safe and I can get fooooood!

FrogWhat I want to know is how come our cat hasn’t got to it yet. I mean, how did it get past our feline feind?

It is either wisely brave or foolhardy from food. It sat there, immovable and big. Even when we walked past, it did not even so much as blink. Strange things have made their way in our house. But this? Strangest yet…

Wow Place


Visited a friend briefly to pass something to them. Of course they invited me in. It was lovely on the inside. But just look at the view they have!IMG_4535I don’t often get the chance to use the panoramic function in my phone. This was one time I had great delight in doing so – not just because it was fun, but because it was beautiful.

And yes, this was taken before the haze enveloped the land!


Soft and Sweet



It was kind of a shame really. A thoughtful gift. Hand-carried all the way from overseas. An offering of thanks and love.

But in the busy-ness of the day, the conduit forgot and left it in the car. Our mid-day tropical heat was not very kind. End result is a mushy mess.

IMG_4689But still a nice-tasting mushy mess. So whilst the shape had disintegrated to something totally unrecognisable, we could nonetheless taste the sweeeeeeeeeet “buah tangan” (literally “fruit of the hand” in Malay meaning a gift). Yummmmmmmmm


Tuning Up


Our engineer Arrow #2 (the guitar professional hobbyist) has not only been taking good care of his guitars, but has been using his notebook pc for more than four years now. Frankly I never ever had one last me so long. Arrow #2 uses it daily for his studies and also for ¬†relaxation. Thankfully, being the techie he is, he says he does not need to get a new pc – he knows pc tuneup and it can help him do more wonders still with his aged equipment. Good for him! He will probably get another gadget along the way…..



Did we say our second son is a serious professional guitar hobbyist? What a contrasting phrase! But we can’t think of a better way to describe him! This is because he owns four guitars and plays them in a church worship team. But he isn’t a professional guitarist! (And a ukelele!)

IMG_4652He is not the only one in our family serious with guitar. Our daughter is into bass as well. At the moment, she was the only youth who is able to tune the ¬†bass guitar without a tuner. Not bad eh? Hubby reckons that this generation of our family should never be let lose in places which sell musical instruments. Just as I ought not be allowed into a stationery shop especially with a credit card…! Humph!

Mold Memories


I love where I live. The variety of food and fruit cannot be compared.

The disadvantage is that not only plants I desire flourish. So do other things such as fungi and molds! They can really take off once they have a good hold!

Of course, it was nothing like what we experienced when living in England. I shall never forget one place which I rented with others whilst still a student. It had a huge mold which grew so fast that we took to pencil marking its monthly growth rate. In those days we didn’t have the benefit of being able to refer to places such as for mold remover. Whatever we applied seemed to promote the growth! After fulfilling our one year tenancy contract, we hastily found another place.

Ah, of such things then, memories as made….

Just Waitin’





So its that time of the year again. The green fruit is popping out everywhere. Even more than before. My tastebuds are just waitin’. Can imagine the ease with which to open, rip out the centre and sink my teeth into the succulent flesh.

TarapThe perpetual problem is the difficulty in obtaining these fruits. The braches are brittle and can’t be easily scaled. Even the skinny and light climber would be hesitant to pluck this seasonal delight with bare hands. Most would use a special bamboo pole…..

Which I do not have….

So I am a -waitin’

Waitin’ for the neighbour who has the pole to take pity on me and pass me one when he snaps a decent one off the branch.

Waitin’ for the helper who will come by when free and grab as many as possible, pass me some but keep most of the labour of his hands for himself.

Yes, I am a-waitin’


Some Days Ahhhhh



My day of rest.

Once a week.

I just want to laze about.

Today is the day.

Just like my cat.





Kiasu. Pronounced “kee-ya-su”. That’s a new word for some of us. Literally it means “worried about losing”. A local dialect phrase to indicate that one does not like to lose to the Joneses next door!

What do I refer to? Well, you won’t believe it. We are barely half way through June, the sixth month of the year. My friend just told me that she has started Christmas shopping. I kid you not! She’s gone to lemax village and started placing her orders!

Having said that, I must confess that some of the items do look very attractive and it makes me tempted to do likewise! Why wait and then get caught up with the rush at the end right…?

So where’s my credit card….

Enhancement after the rain


Just as we were about to finish dinner and then go out for a meeting, strong gusts of wind blew. We could hear the howling outside. Then as we stacked the plates for washing, poof! The electricity cut off. We knew this was not a trip – the entire street outside was in darkness.

Thankfully we managed to get out for our meeting and not be wet through by the following rain!

When we drove back a few hours later, we were a little disappointed that the electricity seemed to be still off. Still, our spirits were high as we deliberated jokingly whether or not we should pray against the mountain of electricity-lessness or sloth – people not doing their job!

Then we pulled up at our front gate. I got out. I yanked at it to see if our helper had locked it. She had. As I turned to go towards the side gate, poof again! The electricity came back on! JOY!

What a sight our house looked then. Super nice especially after the wash from the rain. Made us more than determined to install luminaire lighting. I think it would really enhance the appearance!