Enhancement after the rain

Just as we were about to finish dinner and then go out for a meeting, strong gusts of wind blew. We could hear the howling outside. Then as we stacked the plates for washing, poof! The electricity cut off. We knew this was not a trip – the entire street outside was in darkness.

Thankfully we managed to get out for our meeting and not be wet through by the following rain!

When we drove back a few hours later, we were a little disappointed that the electricity seemed to be still off. Still, our spirits were high as we deliberated jokingly whether or not we should pray against the mountain of electricity-lessness or sloth – people not doing their job!

Then we pulled up at our front gate. I got out. I yanked at it to see if our helper had locked it. She had. As I turned to go towards the side gate, poof again! The electricity came back on! JOY!

What a sight our house looked then. Super nice especially after the wash from the rain. Made us more than determined to install luminaire lighting. I think it would really enhance the appearance!

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