Just Waitin’




So its that time of the year again. The green fruit is popping out everywhere. Even more than before. My tastebuds are just waitin’. Can imagine the ease with which to open, rip out the centre and sink my teeth into the succulent flesh.

TarapThe perpetual problem is the difficulty in obtaining these fruits. The braches are brittle and can’t be easily scaled. Even the skinny and light climber would be hesitant to pluck this seasonal delight with bare hands. Most would use a special bamboo pole…..

Which I do not have….

So I am a -waitin’

Waitin’ for the neighbour who has the pole to take pity on me and pass me one when he snaps a decent one off the branch.

Waitin’ for the helper who will come by when free and grab as many as possible, pass me some but keep most of the labour of his hands for himself.

Yes, I am a-waitin’


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