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Unwanted Ingredient


Happily enjoying my food. It was quite tasty. Then I found a stringy bit. Literally stringy. So I pulled. It snapped. I pulled more. Two parts came away.

They looked like plastic. Dental floss? Not likely. The more probable answer is that this part of a string to hold the vegetables together. Somehow it got missed before cooking.

FlossI let it go after taking this picture.

But the  next day I wished I hadn’t. I found out that another person had found something else in their dish! A length of brown dyed hair. Yucks! Not going there again!

The Sound


Well, the music yesterday was pretty all right. But the subsequent speaker? I dont know if it was his microphone technique, his speaking style or the handheld microphone was faulty – his voice kept fading in and out. Or perhaps it was the sound system or speakers. Whatever it was, he could barely be heard in parts. I think someone should tell him or whoever is responsible that all these factors made the session quite difficult to follow. He should be given more training on public communication. He should be given a better microphone. Or better support from the tech side.

It is a shame really. The topic was good, the audience was willing, and the equipment is of a high standard. The problems just should not have arisen.

The Worst Case Yet



Whether diarrhoea or diarrhea, whether you spell it the British or American way, the same is true – it is a bad condition to have.

I was recently was laid flat by this nasty bug. By “nasty” I mean nasty. It started mildly earlier in the day. Then it got worse by midday. By 3.00pm I had to stay in bed, rushing to the nearby washroom when a spasm hit. Twice I stained my clothes because the peristaltic movements were too strong and I couldn’t control. Yes,  it was THAT bad.

Barely able to think clearly by 6.00pm I managed to ask Hubby to cook rice and put a lot of water in so I could sip the rice water. Usually a good cure, this time it didn’t work. Hubby brought out charcoal tablets. The sight of the relatively huge table made me feel worse, fearing I would throw up. Bearing in mind I would easily pop 6-8 tablets at one go, these symptoms signaled trouble.

RiceH2OI sent a text to a physician friend. He kindly drove over with his wife to pass some medication. The tablets were smaller and less intimidating so I took those together with sips of rice water.

The symptoms only eased mildy.

So I took the charcoal tablets as well.

And only then did I start feeling better.

I stayed in bed right through to the next morning!

It was a busy working day so I decided to fast. I skipped food and for fluids I just sipped rice water and later, some black coffee. I started to feel better 24 hours later.

Then Hubby came back with sugar cane water. I guess I was greedy – I havent had this for ages. I sipped it and told him it didn’t taste pure ie something had been added. BUT I still finished my glass.

And that was my downfall. For another 24 hours I was down again. This time, the recovery was slower. Phew. The worst case yet!  Taking things much slower now. Eating smaller quantities too….. Lesson learned. Don’t be greedy!


Curve Ball




A curveball.

When you throw one –  Fig. to confuse someone by doing something tricky or unexpected. To surprise someone with something that is difficult or unpleasant to deal with.

Well it was certainly the latter – difficult and unpleasant and I was indeed taken by surprise. It was also unexpected and at the eleventh hour. I didn’t expect a phone call then, to say that one hundred people couldn’t do something which I was given to understand that they could. There was no way I could stop the event. My initial reaction was to put my head in my hands and almost groan.


But then as I sought my Lord, the thought came as below. A peace began to settle. And I sent the sms out as a declaration. It was only to one person, but it was enough for me. In my spirit, I knew it would be all right.

CurveBallAnd so it was.

Thankful. For friends. For help. And especially for the Lord’s peace.





I love the temperate weather when the flowers start popping up. This is something I miss where I live now. I spent twelve years in England. I enjoyed the serene snowy winter, especially at night. The stillness has a magical quality to it.

But when the snows and icicles give way to the warmer weather, my delight is to see new growth pushing their way up through the earth. Then the green sprouts into colours…. And voila!

My next joy is to see how creative people make use of these blooms. Isn’t this one lovely?  20090613


Gadget Goodie



Do you like gadgets? I have to confess to liking them Haha!

This is one of our latest gadgets – Hubby bought this, I hasten to add! Does well with smooth surfaces like my phone.

IMG_0535This one sits on the dashboard of my car. It used to sit on the centre of my steering wheel but then it got distracting when a message came in or when the phone rang…. especially when I was turning the wheel at the same time.

Worse, when I was using siri to make a call or write a text message … and it would cancel itself.


Envelopes Excite



Looks can be deceiving. So what is a simple envelope? To some it might mean bills. But change the colour and the mood changes.

What if you get a black one like this?IMG_5388To me, it is classy. It speaks of a strong statement upcoming. The contents have been thought about. Whatever is inside promises to hold something that will do something to my senses, and perhaps even my soul.

I always open such envelopes with respect. Sometimes with a sense of eagerness but mostly with a quiet excited anticipation.

And this one was no exception. What comfort, what encouragement.

Thankful for strong black envelopes, their giver, and the contents therein…

Double Hearts



He asked me, “What would you like?” It was our anniversary. I didn’t want anything fancy. Just something small to go with my single pearl ear-rings. Something I could wear day in day out, no fuss. Simple lines. A broach.

So we went shopping.

And together, when we saw this, we both stopped. Two heart shapes being entwined. Centred with a simple pearl. We didn’t think there would be any others nicer. Don’t you agree?