The Worst Case Yet


Whether diarrhoea or diarrhea, whether you spell it the British or American way, the same is true – it is a bad condition to have.

I was recently was laid flat by this nasty bug. By “nasty” I mean nasty. It started mildly earlier in the day. Then it got worse by midday. By 3.00pm I had to stay in bed, rushing to the nearby washroom when a spasm hit. Twice I stained my clothes because the peristaltic movements were too strong and I couldn’t control. Yes,  it was THAT bad.

Barely able to think clearly by 6.00pm I managed to ask Hubby to cook rice and put a lot of water in so I could sip the rice water. Usually a good cure, this time it didn’t work. Hubby brought out charcoal tablets. The sight of the relatively huge table made me feel worse, fearing I would throw up. Bearing in mind I would easily pop 6-8 tablets at one go, these symptoms signaled trouble.

RiceH2OI sent a text to a physician friend. He kindly drove over with his wife to pass some medication. The tablets were smaller and less intimidating so I took those together with sips of rice water.

The symptoms only eased mildy.

So I took the charcoal tablets as well.

And only then did I start feeling better.

I stayed in bed right through to the next morning!

It was a busy working day so I decided to fast. I skipped food and for fluids I just sipped rice water and later, some black coffee. I started to feel better 24 hours later.

Then Hubby came back with sugar cane water. I guess I was greedy – I havent had this for ages. I sipped it and told him it didn’t taste pure ie something had been added. BUT I still finished my glass.

And that was my downfall. For another 24 hours I was down again. This time, the recovery was slower. Phew. The worst case yet!  Taking things much slower now. Eating smaller quantities too….. Lesson learned. Don’t be greedy!


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