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Special Trip to See a Special Someone



I heard myself asking my Hubby, “Shall I take Arrow #3 to this event?”

Amazed, he immediately replied, “Yes, go ahead”.

Let me first make it clear. It is not just any event. It meant getting online and making flight purchases. It meant checking to see if there were seats available. It meant looking for a place to stay when we got there after a 2.5 hour flight and another 1hr travel by rail.

But was it worth it?

1208644_10151896125644879_735032901_nNick Vujicic. Born without limbs. No arms, no hands, no fingers. No legs either. He has an appendage with which he can grasp because there are two toes.

But whilst without limbs, he lived life without limits too. He spoke with passion, connecting especially with the young folk. Inspiring and challenging many.

It was indeed a worthwhile trip. Thankful for the cheap airfare! Looking forward to one day having him closer to home here…. !


Seaside Dinner



One of the nicest places to have a meal – overlooking the sea, fresh seafood, and of course, in good company. IMG_7695This was in the small city of Sandakan, to the east of Sabah. The menu was simple but the chef did justice to the fresh food. Price was reasonable too.

Photos? I hear you say. Regretfully, most of it went into our bellies before we thought to snap away.

Even if we did, the photos wouldn’t do justice. You just have to come all the way to taste and see for yourself!


Surprise! Surprise!



There was a knock on the door. We wondered who it could be. Away for a short break with some friends, we were not expecting any visitors to our hotel room.

Hubby went to check.

Lo and behold, it was one of our friends. And he had a surprise!

IMG_7772Isn’t that nice of him? He bought them specially for us to try. YUM! It was indeed a treat!


High Tea



We drove for hours and when we finally reached our destination, instead of checking into the hotel, we opted to give ourselves a treat. Hubby and I ordered this yummy three-tier treat (neat tongue twister! )IMG_7631Especially liked the sandwich!

More Strings?


Apart from our daughter teaching us about guitars, our second son who is an avid guitarist (engineer by profession) is a collector of guitars. To date we think he has five guitars. At least that was the number the last time we checked a few months ago. He may have obtained for a few more since…. Our children LOVE music!

Since he is earning his own money, and he can afford to, Hubby was thinking that perhaps he should have a look at some online sites – there are always more to choose from… Haha!



Gasp! When we were young, albeit decades ago, we knew of 6 string electric guitars, 6 string acoustic. Then there is the 4 string bass Oh there were 12 string acoustic guitars as well. IMG_4655Recently however, we discovered that there are 5 string and 6 string bass guitars . Our daughter being our educator!

Now, however, we come to know of eight-string guitars! Most intriguing. Does this mean we have to relearn our chords?

A Night Away


Hubby and I went away again. Back to the same place where we had our  hideaway a year ago.HideawayThis time, we chose a slightly different spot where we had a lovely fireplace as well. It’s hard to imagine that a tropical place like ours has room for a fireplace in the living room! But then, this is no ordinary place; this place boasts of the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. So there we lounged, enjoying the cool air, the view outside and the lovely cosy interior of the chalet. Our favourite spot? In front of the fireplace of course! It’s framed by lovely fireplace mantel shelves brings back memories of England.

Well, almost….

Gifts Spelt Silver


Just heard the news! Well, I should said just heard the WHISPERED news!

My best friend is going to get a special gift for her birthday! Her boyfriend is going to get her a purpose-crafted sterling silver bracelet! The nice thing about it is that there is NO SPECIAL OCCASION! He just wants to get her something special! Isn’t that nice? I am sooooo excited for her!

Silver is touted as the next big thing now that gold price has soared but silver hasn’t. This shiney precious metal has not lost it’s lustre yet. It could well be a good investment too.

Now to see if I can catch a glimpse of the gift before it gets to her!

More Gifts



Isn’t this priceless?

IMG_6729A surprise gift for work done before and during a conference.

I really didn’t feel I deserved it. But I had to go up to receive it because they announced my name! Phew!

Now to find a place for it to sit….


Best Friend


Hubby didn’t use to like dogs. He preferred cats!

So we agreed to take on a cat.

Then he developed an allergy to the cat.

And now he doesn’t mind our dog.

Honestly, who couldn’t like her? She greets you when you arrive as if you are even better than bone marrow! Her tail wags in her own crooked way and would create a whirlwind if it were magnified a hundred times over.

Then she will play with you. She thinks it is great fun to be stalked by you.

She dashes behind the car!

Then rushes to the bushes!

Off she goes again, to the other side of the garden!

Wait! She has moved again – this time to the potted plants!

IMG_7201Finally she succumbs to her ultimate delight – to have her belly stroked… and stroked… and stroked. And her head. And her ears.

Hubby is smitten now.

Can you hear both of them sigh? Haha!