Affirming Gifts


Have you heard of secret angels? It’s an affirming and fun game where you support and encourage certain people anonymously. Later the secret is revealed =)

We decided to draw lots to see who we would be secret angels to in the office. Just for a few weeks. It had been a very hectic time so we decided that we could encourage and cheer one another on.

First things first, we decided to discover each other’s love language first – what made us feel cared for and loved. Then could we best “care for” the person assigned.  To make it harder for guessing since we are a small office, we decided that we would have two angels each! Good fun!

My “angels” have been working hard. An apple one day, a card the next. Feeling greatly affirmed!


Some rather creative ways coming up – even the sending of group messages so you cant guess!

As for me, I am working hard at affirming my “mortal” as well! But I can’t tell here what ways I am using in case someone reads this…. All will be revealed in a few days time…..

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