Best Friend

Hubby didn’t use to like dogs. He preferred cats!

So we agreed to take on a cat.

Then he developed an allergy to the cat.

And now he doesn’t mind our dog.

Honestly, who couldn’t like her? She greets you when you arrive as if you are even better than bone marrow! Her tail wags in her own crooked way and would create a whirlwind if it were magnified a hundred times over.

Then she will play with you. She thinks it is great fun to be stalked by you.

She dashes behind the car!

Then rushes to the bushes!

Off she goes again, to the other side of the garden!

Wait! She has moved again – this time to the potted plants!

IMG_7201Finally she succumbs to her ultimate delight – to have her belly stroked… and stroked… and stroked. And her head. And her ears.

Hubby is smitten now.

Can you hear both of them sigh? Haha!

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