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Ten Thousand


Hubby said I was supposed to walk ten thousand steps a day. He even showed me the website link which proved it.

Then he went and bought a cheap pedometer… which didn’t record his steps much.

So I decided to download one on my smartphone.

Then I set it to work each day.

Most times, I don’t even achieve half of the required number. Sigh.

Then recently, I did it.

This is BEFORE the end of a long day of a conference.

IMG_6784I know, I know, this is meant to be a daily thing and not just a one-off. Getting there, getting there…. Really need to change my sedentary lifestyle!


Affirming Gifts



Have you heard of secret angels? It’s an affirming and fun game where you support and encourage certain people anonymously. Later the secret is revealed =)

We decided to draw lots to see who we would be secret angels to in the office. Just for a few weeks. It had been a very hectic time so we decided that we could encourage and cheer one another on.

First things first, we decided to discover each other’s love language first – what made us feel cared for and loved. Then could we best “care for” the person assigned. ┬áTo make it harder for guessing since we are a small office, we decided that we would have two angels each! Good fun!

My “angels” have been working hard. An apple one day, a card the next. Feeling greatly affirmed!


Some rather creative ways coming up – even the sending of group messages so you cant guess!

As for me, I am working hard at affirming my “mortal” as well! But I can’t tell here what ways I am using in case someone reads this…. All will be revealed in a few days time…..