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What’s New in Whatsapp


There seems to be a sudden surge in groupings amongst my whatsapp contacts. There are the old friends groups with topics ranging from religion to food. Then there are the common interest groups with topics such as health and exercise, and even politics! In the last three days alone I have been added to two new groups – one on location and one on motherhood!

The last one is quite cute because I am not a “new” mother but have been added for wisdom! Funny! The people in this group know more than I do on many matters – the latest in baby slings, the best pacifier (or not), the most comfortable nappy, and even topics like the use of medication! Some are not good for breastfeeding, and others are for the Hubby. Names and doses of medications such as paracetamol either 500mg or 650mg, sildenafil 50 mg and the like are mentioned with the ease of well-informed practitioners! I find myself seemingly very old-fashioned here! Ah well, they say one can learn a new thing every day…

Broken for a cause



It was such an intense match! As the devoted parent-supporter, I was banging away with my purse on the tiled step I was seated on. The atmosphere was charged. What a floorball match it was!

Suddenly I felt something sharp on the fingers of my right hand. Oh no! I broke my nail! The littlest finger!

Broken NailWell, our team won! So it’s ok. Worth the sacrifice! Haha!


Setting up horribly, setting down beautifully


So I rushed for a meeting. I was supposed to set it up without much fuss. No bother. Done it many times before. But I wasn’t going to take it for granted – I went an hour earlier.

To my horror, things went incredibly wrong. So many things went wrong. From electrical appliances to physical setups. Even the attendance was variable. Wow.

I was so glad that the speakers were gracious about the many hiccups.

Later, I look back and remember the sunset I saw on the way to the meeting. How was I to know that it would be so terrible as I looked at this beauty?
sunsetBut the difficulties of the meeting does not detract from the beauty of this sunset.  I live in a place with the most beautiful sunsets in the world! So I hereby post this for all to see!

Yes, I remain upbeat!


Chips of a Different Kind



I am on a food roll!

You have heard of french fries.

You know about chips.

Even of wedges.

But have you come across the wonderful tapioca chips?
Tapioca ChipsSliced finely, fried and with a slight sprinkle of salt, these chips have been around for as long as I recall. In my school days, this was one of the must-haves whenever one went up to the “kacang putih” man (Literal translation meaning the white peanut man but he was usually Indian, and sold more than peanuts!)

This bag is a huge one that Hubby brought back following the wedding of his niece. Yummy time again!


More Yummmm



Talking about cheese! Look at what we were given recently! I had done some work for someone and this is how I was rewarded. I must confess that the thought of adding apricot to cream cheese didn’t seem quite right to me….

Cheese&BiscuitsBut what a pleasant surprise when we tried it! Truly very nice. Almost addictive. Were it not for the calories, I think I would have finished most of the pack at one sitting!

And the biscuits? I never thought much about these type of biscuits. I mean, why bother to spend extra for some crackers? At least that was my attitude before I had these. The combination is superb.

So blessed! Didnt expect anything really. What a joy to have…..!





Gave myself a treat the other day.  We were given some really nice wholemeal bread – thick slice, full flavoured and best of all, homemade! So we enjoyed the bread as is, and also with cheese toasted on it.Cheese On ToastOne of the best ways to eat bread – with cheese. Oh, and I love Marmite (Sorry not a Vegemite fan…. do I hear some sounds of disgust from Vegemiters? Ooops!) And it’s great with Marmalade…. and dont forget just being soldiers to soft boiled eggs….. And good bread can be just eaten by itself…. yummmm




O dear. Today, Mittens our cat has been a little sluggish.


She is normally quite a spritely gal despite her age. However she hasnt caught any birds lately. Cat Years

According to this chart, she would be in her mid-forties… approaching 50 Human years? Perhaps she needs some supplements just as humans do… ?

Musical Magic



Just came back from watching a wonderful musical drama. What story line. What acting. What dances. What voices. So very nice. Glad to have had the opportunity to see it. So very well done.IMG_5095And did I mention that my Arrow was one of the cast? Haha! From the producer, to the director, from the choreographer to the dancers, from the actors to the props team…. Soooo proud of them all!