Setting up horribly, setting down beautifully

So I rushed for a meeting. I was supposed to set it up without much fuss. No bother. Done it many times before. But I wasn’t going to take it for granted – I went an hour earlier.

To my horror, things went incredibly wrong. So many things went wrong. From electrical appliances to physical setups. Even the attendance was variable. Wow.

I was so glad that the speakers were gracious about the many hiccups.

Later, I look back and remember the sunset I saw on the way to the meeting. How was I to know that it would be so terrible as I looked at this beauty?
sunsetBut the difficulties of the meeting does not detract from the beauty of this sunset.  I live in a place with the most beautiful sunsets in the world! So I hereby post this for all to see!

Yes, I remain upbeat!


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