What’s New in Whatsapp

There seems to be a sudden surge in groupings amongst my whatsapp contacts. There are the old friends groups with topics ranging from religion to food. Then there are the common interest groups with topics such as health and exercise, and even politics! In the last three days alone I have been added to two new groups – one on location and one on motherhood!

The last one is quite cute because I am not a “new” mother but have been added for wisdom! Funny! The people in this group know more than I do on many matters – the latest in baby slings, the best pacifier (or not), the most comfortable nappy, and even topics like the use of medication! Some are not good for breastfeeding, and others are for the Hubby. Names and doses of medications such as paracetamol either 500mg or 650mg, sildenafil 50 mg and the like are mentioned with the ease of well-informed practitioners! I find myself seemingly very old-fashioned here! Ah well, they say one can learn a new thing every day…

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