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Thoughts Still Turning There


Still thinking about the special evening with Hubby.
IMG_5222This is the view we had, apart from each other! (I can hear you say “Awwww” and “what no photos?” Haha!

Happy Chappy


Hubby has been very cheerful of late. He’s whistling in the car, humming away at tunes. You see, I managed to get some of our old music into a pen drive for him to play in the car. He is a happy chappy!

Listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” never fails to strike me how that famous guitar riff was like a solo in a full orchestral piece. I wonder since my second Arrow plays the guitar, we can persuade him to learn this piece….? Perhaps “bribe” him with something to increase the incentive to learn! Haha!

Now THAT would indeed make Hubby a VERY Happy Chappy!




In this period of trying to salvage my data, (having given up on the hardware) I find myself operating two different computers. One Mac and one Windows.  The Mac is so old that I cant even use Google Chrome on it. But it still works… somewhat. So it helps to tide me over.

But working on two different types and styles… my fingers forget whether its a command key, control key… is there a confused key? Feels like there should be!

So whilst I search for the best hardware within my budget, I am going through a lot of mental gymnastics.
AppleStoreWhich is not a bad thing I suppose. The only problem is that it’s terribly tiring, taking a toll on my grey matter… and apparently on my features as well!  I have been told I look tense… O dear…. 




Had special dinner with Hubby recently. In fine dining style too!

The table we had overlooked a freeform swimming pool which was just beside a lovely sandy beach. Wave upon wave washed ashore and we enjoyed ourselves in the intimately lit restaurant as well as tuck into the delectable food…

FerdWe noticed some people walking along, still dressed for a swim. Rather late by then, but I suppose it is their prerogative. Then the lady changed to go into the pool……

Whilst we were located in a hotel, we are nonetheless a conservative society with religious values reasonably upheld. There are not many locals wearing sexy beachwear except for tourists or children returning from overseas. So yeah this was a sudden start and a little moment of mention during our otherwise uneventful meal!

I heard Hubby chuckle and then continue with his meal. How diplomatic!

Maintenance Mode


Today someone came, climbed two sets of ladders and cleared the gutters of our roof. Two days ago, we had a mini flood outside the house because one of the drain pipes blocked. Last week the carpenter came and popped open one of the bedroom doors which had jammed.  …. 

I guess you could say that the house is now suffering from wear and tear. Basic DIY is required. Thankfully we have an odd-job man. But before he can do his work, we need to get supplies from Reid and other such places. Things like replacing door knobs, washing out the water cisterns and unblocking any waste pipes all require us to prepare beforehand as our odd-job man isn’t the kind to walk around with spare cash! 

Now we have to prepare for the next week when he is due to come again… 

O Misery


It is a sad day… my beloved computer died. The screen flickered and died. Just like that.

I have a friend who is very techie but even he could not help to resuscitate it. So off to the service centre it went.

And it stayed there for days. I mean lots of days. Too many days. Whilst I frantically worked from two computers to compensate and try to catch up on the outstanding work, I prayed for the data to be kept safe. Yes, I did back up but even the back up was playing up!

Finally the news came. It could not be revived. Alas, alas. It is painful because I had spent much time in getting the computer to its optimum state. Good optimum state. How was I to know that it would suddenly expire before its time.

So now it is back to the drawing board. And to dig deep and get another. Misery indeed…. But I will rebound. I have to!

We Succumb



I guess my cooking isn’t so hot because suddenly Hubby decided this morning that we ought to go out and have breakfast out instead of cooking at home. Ha!

Not that I mind. I didn’t take it as an insult. Oh no. I got to have one of my favourite dishes – noodles with portions of beef – ligaments, innards and all! Yummmm!Breakfast03I wonder if he will feel the same way again tomorrow…. we can always go to the OTHER favourite place down the road. Stay tuned for the next posting!




As the austerity drive continues, I decide to cook our own breakfast. I have no idea how long this enthusiasm will continue but here’s my latest attempt! Special egg-sauce noodle. Looks nice? I hope so. I thought it tasted pretty ok too! Breakfast02Now what shall I serve tomorrow…..?




Since the petrol subsidies have been reduced, some of our favourite food places have raised their prices! So Hubby and I decided we would eat breakfast at home more. Our norm used to be to go marketing and sit down for leisurely a meal in a shop. As creatures of habit, some places would not even wait for us to sit before the staff call out our usual orders for food and drink!

Nowadays however, we have shifted emphasis and prefer to stop at home after the school run.

This is one such breakfast.

foodWhat’s on offer?

Double sunny-side up eggs done in minimal oil and a non-stick pan. A tablespoonful of baked beans. Lightly toasted wholemeal bread, sometimes with cheese. Other times, like this, with garlic and herb spread. Slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, leaves of lettuce and in this dish, the last of some delicious ham from Australia! Yummmmm!

Each breakfast at home begins with freshly blended juice and chia seeds. It ends with black coffee – no milk, no sugar. Just that and nice company!