O Misery

It is a sad day… my beloved computer died. The screen flickered and died. Just like that.

I have a friend who is very techie but even he could not help to resuscitate it. So off to the service centre it went.

And it stayed there for days. I mean lots of days. Too many days. Whilst I frantically worked from two computers to compensate and try to catch up on the outstanding work, I prayed for the data to be kept safe. Yes, I did back up but even the back up was playing up!

Finally the news came. It could not be revived. Alas, alas. It is painful because I had spent much time in getting the computer to its optimum state. Good optimum state. How was I to know that it would suddenly expire before its time.

So now it is back to the drawing board. And to dig deep and get another. Misery indeed…. But I will rebound. I have to!

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