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Special Christmas Upcoming!


I am so excited!

All the family is coming back together again! My older Arrows have, over time, respectively not been able to come home for Christmas at the same time. Yet, each year I have faithfully put up the tree and hung up the decorations. IMG_1802

This time however, as I prepared them, I felt a strong wave of nostalgia. Tears overflowed as I continued. I resolved not to mention this to them – didn’t want to put pressure on anyone to come home because of Momma!

Imagine my delight when I found within a space of a few days, all the children will be coming back after all! What joy!!!

We are now planning a sing-along; something we used to a lot of. One on the piano, one the bass guitar. Another on the acoustic and one more on the ukele. Hubby is wondering if we should buy a Shure Microphone to record the occasion. There will be a cacophony of noise, I mean music, once again, but as we don’t know when the next gathering will be, this might be a good reason to record the moments…

Yummy Tea



Decided to go to go for a snack for with Arrow #3. At our regular haunt, we were offered something new. Curry puffs. Not cream puffs or custard puffs. But curry puffs. IMG_1449It was worth the slightly higher cost. Crispy on the outside. Tasty and filling on the inside. Just the right amount of spiciness and savouriness. We plan to go back….


Yummy Dinner



Hubby loves to cook his favourite dishes. He enjoys having people over so he can cook a variety of his favourite foods. The more people the more variety because people can take a little bit of each.

So I invite some friends over. It’s the university students – they miss home cooked food.
IMG_1156They miss it a lot. Haha!





I gave my colleague some money. Off she happily went.

When she came back, she was holding quite a few bags. Within some of them, she created this…
IMG_1610Nice start to the decor.

And she has only just begun.

Whats more she has some money left over.



Getting More Into Christmas Mode


Seeing the shops getting into the mood, and going online for shopping makes me feel guilty that I haven’t set up my decorations at home! So I get the boxes out.
IMG_1387And I am still looking at them unopened. Stacked there for days, I had better get them opened and decorations started before the super busy period hits.

I wonder if I can get Arrow #3 to help…. de-stress from her exams while doing something creative….

Getting in the Christmas Mood


The shops are preparing. The decorations are going up. My house isn’t ready though. What do I get for who?

Our second Arrow has managed to get some cheap flights to come back for his Christmas holidays so we need to look into a gift for him. Since he plays the guitar and is good at it I thought he would be glad for something along those lines. He is in demand to play in groups in bass or acoustic and sometimes electrical guitar leads.

I figured that being an engineer, he would know and appreciate some thing  I saw in my shopping – a line 6 spider valve hd 100 amp head. A little big perhaps… unless Hubby decides that since we have musical children we could invest in it anyway and leave it for when they come back to play! More like a present for us! Perhaps I could persuade him to get this anyway…. a Christmas treat for ourselves, and something to enjoy when the children do come back and play.

Christmas Temptations


After the horrific period of computer crashing, using more than one type of computer and recovering of data, I have to confess that I am  more partial to apple products. So imagine my delight when in the process of scouting for Christmas gifts in a musical mode, I find that you can get even get an Apple keyboard in music shops online! That’s quite novel. I had not thought that such keyboards would be useful in music but I suppose nowadays they is is much mixing on computers. Their wireless keyboard is exactly what I had been using during my “borrowed computer” season…. So tempting…. !

Musical Month


First we had strings. Violins. Violas. Cellos. These children with only a dozen lessons played so well I shed tears of joy. What more conducted by someone who would drive more than an hour each way to teach them. What love!


Then there was the piano. An old favourite from my teenage to mid-twenties, I was delighted to be able to enjoy him in real life. It was an evening of lovely entertainment, taking us through many seasons and styles.


What a month. Enjoy them all. Makes me wish I could pick up an instrument. ANY instrument in spite of my old age. Someone suggested a place to buy musical instruments, from guitar to keyboards, would be epiphone les paul studio at m123. I wonder if they have a branch nearby.

Meanwhile I am left with the videos and memories…. sigh….

Another Pick Me Up



Here’s another pick me up. A more healthy one too!IMG_9296Do you like the shine? I bought some special liquid soap which cleans food but doesnt leave any residue or harmful substances on the food. See the shine? Before the wash, it was dull and waxy….

Yum! Now to enjoy….





A good slice (yes I mean slice) of butter sandwiched by two fluffly slices of bread, with special local coconut spread (local jam aptly named “kaya” which means “rich”) 

Put that together with a strong cup of coffee. Black of course. There is no need for sugar because the “kaya” comes with lashings of sweetness which would cancel out the taste of the sugar in the coffee.IMG_9721Great mid-afternoon pick-me-up, which is what I needed recently and Hubby was good enough to sense that and take me for.