Getting in the Christmas Mood

The shops are preparing. The decorations are going up. My house isn’t ready though. What do I get for who?

Our second Arrow has managed to get some cheap flights to come back for his Christmas holidays so we need to look into a gift for him. Since he plays the guitar and is good at it I thought he would be glad for something along those lines. He is in demand to play in groups in bass or acoustic and sometimes electrical guitar leads.

I figured that being an engineer, he would know and appreciate some thing  I saw in my shopping – a line 6 spider valve hd 100 amp head. A little big perhaps… unless Hubby decides that since we have musical children we could invest in it anyway and leave it for when they come back to play! More like a present for us! Perhaps I could persuade him to get this anyway…. a Christmas treat for ourselves, and something to enjoy when the children do come back and play.

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