Special Christmas Upcoming!

I am so excited!

All the family is coming back together again! My older Arrows have, over time, respectively not been able to come home for Christmas at the same time. Yet, each year I have faithfully put up the tree and hung up the decorations. IMG_1802

This time however, as I prepared them, I felt a strong wave of nostalgia. Tears overflowed as I continued. I resolved not to mention this to them – didn’t want to put pressure on anyone to come home because of Momma!

Imagine my delight when I found within a space of a few days, all the children will be coming back after all! What joy!!!

We are now planning a sing-along; something we used to a lot of. One on the piano, one the bass guitar. Another on the acoustic and one more on the ukele. Hubby is wondering if we should buy a Shure Microphone to record the occasion. There will be a cacophony of noise, I mean music, once again, but as we don’t know when the next gathering will be, this might be a good reason to record the moments…

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