Photos galore

The family is all back together! Yay!

We decided to get a family photo done.

But what a palaver!

The people we asked to be cameramen (and women) couldn’t make the date and time we wanted. So we decided to go on our own, using a tripod.

Not so easy. Different backgrounds just didn’t work. In the end, what worked was when foster son decided to bring the dog into the house! Unlike some homes, we don’t usually have our dog with us. She was quite happy this time though. Her tail was wagging away as we took snapshot after snapshot.

It made us wonder though… what if we had gone out instead,and was going to shoot animals outside. You know, like shooting wild life. Photograph shooting. Probably need a better camera, and the best game cameras here would be one that can withstand diverse temperatures as well as humidity.

As it was, we made do with the little dinky one that foster son had…. No photos here because we are still editing out my wrinkles and fat! Haha!

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