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What a Welcome!



Imagine stepping out of the airport and seeing this. IMG_4193Yes, that’s what happened. Joy! The weather promises to be good for the next few days. We have a few days of walking in the open coming up. Our first stop is Petra, the world heritage site were Indiana Jones had their film finale. Meanwhile, we need to get through the day… and this beautiful view helped a long way!


Being Prepared


Just as I am about to go on leave, I find that the office website is going haywire. “What gives?” I have to ask. Is this a ploy or tactic from some wicked source that is intent on spoiling my holiday? I should look for good support I know, like website-builder.comor the like, to make sure I have little hassle and good support.

Bottom line? I am quite annoyed, yes. So I shall have to do something major even whilst away….

Off We Go!



It’s the trip of a lifetime! And we are so looking forward to this. Who would have thought we would be going… But going we are… IMG_1983More details to come later Haha….


Further Preparations



The children will be at home while we are away. They have the whole place to themselves. Pretty cool eh? While Dad and Mom are away, the kiddos get to play.

We figured they would enjoy it more if we gave them more snacks so Hubby did one of his specialities. Called “bakwa” in the local dialect which literally means dried meat, don’t let this dull appearance fool you! This minced pork dish is normally costly, mostly because it is superbly tasty but the recipe is almost impossible to find.

Hubby, however, not only found the recipe, he improved on it, making it simple, and then shared it with anyone and everyone who wanted it. IMG_1962Needless to say, he has begun to have a fan club.

But I digress. I believe that the children will be thrilled to have some of this local fare. I for one, have sneaked a few pieces for myself!


More Preparations!


Apart from the lunar new year which is often celebrated in a big way amongst some of our friends, I also need to prepare to fly overseas for a long-ish trip.

In my preparations, I found out that the electrical sockets there are different from the ones here.IMG_1944I will need to get some universal adaptors. In fact I will probably take along a few multiple-socket adaptors too. That way, I can charge my two mobile phones, my laptop as well as the battery for my camera! Phew!

Looking forward to my trip!

Preparations with Goodies



The lunar new year approaches quickly. It’s as if I haven’t blinked and the end of the month is here. Well, almost here.

As I prepare, I realise that my Arrows might want to invite friends over. So, even though I didn’t think of celebrating much, I decide that I should at least prepare for their sake.

A-scouting for goodies I go.

Do these look nice

IMG_4165I think I will order from some friends instead. They will be tried and tested!





Look what I was given recently! Not only a document holder, but WHAT a document holder! It’s covered with colours and specifically, butterflies!IMG_4019Given to me by a good friend…

Price tag was still on at the back though Haha!





Cool, solid, strong lines.


Round, firey, spicy tastes.

IMG_3850This really caught my attention. Nice isn’t it? It’s a small saucer of local small chilli on a table. That was taken at dinner in a nearby cafe. Love it.


Power On!



What a close shave! I consider this a small miracle!

I had taken my notebook home for work. But I had left the charger at office. Unexpectedly, I used more “juice” and the battery was running low. Very low. So low that I thought I would not be able to complete my work. And I was in a rush.

In my desperation, I decided to plug in another charger that I had taken home. This was spoilt and non-functioning despite my repeated tries earlier.

Imagine my delight when upon plugging on, the light lit! It charged!


And so I managed to not only finish my work, but I now have an extra charger to use – at home! What joy!!!



Oh dear! A Blogger’s nightmare – the internet is down. All because of a storm that hit a few critical places. The entire place is out and we don’t know when it will be back.

What’s worse, the modem seems to have been affected too. Not good, not good.

Blackouts in the night means it is reasonably cool, especially in if there is a breeze. Failure in the daytime means at least we don’t have to contend insufficient light and over supply of enthusiastic mosquitoes! (Yes I am trying to be positive about this…!)

We really need to look into having a good generator… And perhaps now, a new modem too….