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Further Preparations



The children will be at home while we are away. They have the whole place to themselves. Pretty cool eh? While Dad and Mom are away, the kiddos get to play.

We figured they would enjoy it more if we gave them more snacks so Hubby did one of his specialities. Called “bakwa” in the local dialect which literally means dried meat, don’t let this dull appearance fool you! This minced pork dish is normally costly, mostly because it is superbly tasty but the recipe is almost impossible to find.

Hubby, however, not only found the recipe, he improved on it, making it simple, and then shared it with anyone and everyone who wanted it. IMG_1962Needless to say, he has begun to have a fan club.

But I digress. I believe that the children will be thrilled to have some of this local fare. I for one, have sneaked a few pieces for myself!