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Special Chocs!



Did I mention that Hubby went to Austria? Yes, he enjoyed the snow there not so long ago. And came back with this! Cute right? He was in Mozart territory and came back with this super souvenier. Soft praline and marzipan. Yummy!IMG_3606The shape adds to the pleasure upon eating – it explodes and releases the full richness of texture and taste. Awesomely well made. So glad I got to try this!


Favourite “Tipple”



RIght now am fighting off a cold. Congested and coughing, coupled with a nose that so drippy that it’s like a leaky faucet badly in need of a change of washer…. or something!

I found that the best relief I could get is from freshly squeezed lemon with hot water and a dash of honey.

The next best is hot tea.

LemonTeaThankful that I found this relieving and soothing drink….


Rich in Rice


Where I live, there are many varieties of rice. And I mean many. Just this little shop alone sells almost 20 types.

IMG_3359Some would prefer one type to another. Others would extol their preferred type. Yet others would disdain the smooth polished white rice which most people have. It’s becoming quite a fad to have hill rice, unpolished rice, and even different coloured rice.

For me? I just cut down on rice. Period. Haha!

New Year New Stuff?


Ah! With a house full of young people and many more visiting, things are boisterous and full of life.

But it also means that things are well used, and in the process of wear and tear, they  fall apart and need replacing. Apart from the door handles in our house coming apart (see photo collage below) we have had other maintenance issues….

IMG_2433The latest is the flooring in parts of our house. They are coming off and require special adhesives to ensure they stay down. Then there is the gate – despite having had a coat of paint seemingly not so long ago. I will want to put another on.

Perhaps I can persuade my now-at-home son to pick up D-I-Y…..

Burlap for Christmas


I am still in a holiday mood. So much so that I haven’t removed the decorations.

Under our tree for the past few years, we have the same decoration. Burlap.

BurlapI am so into burlap. Doesn’t it look just right? I plan to add to my collection. I already have a lovely bag which could be a stocking….  Now all I need is just a burlap runner to complete the look!