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Not Being Close to Home


Just heard some somewhat sad new about the only child of one my dear friends. The perils of being far from home…  and under pressure, her offspring has made some wrong choices and chosen some not-so-good friends. Result? Predictably not so positive. In fact, quite bad really – he’s had to go to las vegas for drug rehab Despite it being a good place for rehab, this sort of news is what any parent would dread to hear. I do wish the best outcome for this family. And yes, my friend will be flying there to be nearby and help in whatever way she can.

Four or Five


Our eldest Arrow has completed his studies and is now waiting for a job. Meanwhile he has been often asked to play the bass at the church services. However, he prefers a four-string bass. The church, as does our youngest Arrow, prefer the five-string bass and that’s what the church has. Our second, who also plays the bass, is of the same mind as his sister and he has a five-string. His sister despite her preferences owns a four-string.

Confused? Yes, sometimes so are we!

We are now thinking that perhaps a visit to check out our local friendly instruments shop might be a good idea.

Then perhaps everyone will be happy!

Beautiful Craft Abound


When we were on tour, we saw a lot of nice craft and decor for the house. Some quaint shops like this are jam-packed and full of nice goodies.IMG_6271 In some shops I could peek in and see people at work. All done by hand.IMG_6288So when Hubby said he was thinking of having new decor in the house, one consideration was digital printed spandex stretch cover for the cushions in the living room, to complement what we already have. It might work out well to go with the simple plain colours we presently have…

In Maintenance Mode


Since coming back from our holidays, it would almost seem that everything is breaking down and needing repair! Well it would seem like that from the way Hubby is muttering to himself these days! He keeps saying this and that needs fixing. Why, just now he said he was looking for used machines to do some of the repairs jobs around the house. I could her him murmuring, “I don’t need brand new costly ones.” He tells himself “I won’t be using it often.” 

I smile to myself as I hear him mumble and tinker away, glad that he is DIY savvy! 

Encountering Petra


This then, is what we walked 3km in and 3km out to see.

One of the first glimpses… IMG_2176

I find myself holding my breath, my hands holding the camera are shaking in anticipation….IMG_2177

As we approach closer, our excitement mounts. This is such an amazing sight! We notice there are many ahead of us, but there is ample space for all! The place is huge!


And there we see it. The Treasury as it is called. Not that there was any treasure in the past. It was just what the invaders THOUGHT there would be. We could even see the bullet marks where they tried to “break open” what they thought were jars containing treasures.

IMG_2179In itself, Petra is a treasure. A world heritage site treasure. A recent polls placed this as the number two site in the world to visit, after the Great Wall. In my books, having been to both now, they would both place first! Amazing feat of work into sandstone…. The craftsman work from top down. Imagine if a mistake is made…

An Easier Ride?


During our trip to Petra, Jordan, there was a long walk. 3km in and 3km out through the narrow Siq, or passage. Whilst a lovely walk with awesome views, some found it a little much.


So they took a ride instead. Nice to see right?IMG_2286However it was a pretty bumpy ride! Hubby and I wondered if something like a 110cc atv would be better! Of course it might not fit into the ambience and setting of this World Heritage site…

Look What the Helper Dug Up



Is it a yam? Is it a potato? IMG_4729Whatever it is, I don’t recognise the species. Apparently the leaves look like the maple with splayed fingers. That’s not the usual shape for the potato species. So I have no idea what it is.

And because I dont know no one dares to eat it… no one except our helper from Indonesia who says they love to eat this. So I give it all to her. And I mean ALL. A LOT of it… who knew such things grew in my big garden….


Repairs and Upgrades


I have just received a message that I might be required to play the guitar at a function. The Ovation is really in need of some serious improvement. Considering that it is now over 20 years old, that’s not surprising really. I probably need a whole host of things to get it sorted out. Maybe I should check out some of the latest tuners, bridges and extenders as well whilst I am at it. And oh, I mustn’t forget the bodywork – made of cedar… Most of all, I need to cut my nails and get into practice again.

Did you know?


Well I have had to watch my weight of late. It has been going up, up, up, especially with eating, eating, eating during holiday time!

I came across this little picture which I thought was useful. As I am someone who likes photos and pictures, I plan to save this in my phone so I can periodically view it!

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.13.09 PMOf course, it still requires me to exercise self-control to apply what I learn!

Improving Sound And Music


Whilst away we get intermittent wifi access. Of late, the craze online for Arrow #3’s friends is to upload videos of themselves. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth my using the limited access time I have to watch and listen to them! I am tempted to suggest to them to purchase a new recording system to improve the quality. I am sure that their present systems do not do justice to their skills and gifts! And I will have better listening pleasure!