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Astounding Acoustics



All that talk about music reminds of the Church of St Anne’s, in Jerusalem. It’s located next to the Pool of Bethesda and reputed to have the best acoustics in the region. I agree.IMG_5993As the 60 of us entered the church, someone began to sing the first lines of a song my Hubby suggested. One by one, the voices combined. No one was louder than the other, each one deferring to one another as our vocal chords combined to create a truly wonderful sound. It was almost as if the angels were joining us. As the last note of “Amen” faded away, tears ran down some cheeks and we all stood in hushed silence for a few more minutes.

Yes, the vocal chord is an instrument too, and when amplified by astounding acoustics, it becomes an amazing instrument.


Get ’em Gadget


Just listening to my young friend transports me to another realm of imagination. He does more than just play the guitar; he creates sounds and music unlike any other. It is almost as if he has extra bits to his guitar to bring out extra sounds. Harmonics and raps and whatever you call those little tricks. Hubby reckons that extra gadgets like a guitar footswitch would further enhance his sound. Why, he could be a one-man band!

But first, he needs a decent guitar…. and for that, he needs a fat wallet!