Encountering Petra

This then, is what we walked 3km in and 3km out to see.

One of the first glimpses… IMG_2176

I find myself holding my breath, my hands holding the camera are shaking in anticipation….IMG_2177

As we approach closer, our excitement mounts. This is such an amazing sight! We notice there are many ahead of us, but there is ample space for all! The place is huge!


And there we see it. The Treasury as it is called. Not that there was any treasure in the past. It was just what the invaders THOUGHT there would be. We could even see the bullet marks where they tried to “break open” what they thought were jars containing treasures.

IMG_2179In itself, Petra is a treasure. A world heritage site treasure. A recent polls placed this as the number two site in the world to visit, after the Great Wall. In my books, having been to both now, they would both place first! Amazing feat of work into sandstone…. The craftsman work from top down. Imagine if a mistake is made…

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