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Black and Powerful



Another power-packed item. This time this is edible. Called canon ball eggs, they are not at all the size of the ammunition we know. Actually, they are only about the size of a thumb. The size of my thumb, which is small! But oh, they are  power packed in taste. Cooked in tasty herbs, they are addictive and flavourful.IMG_5563I wonder who brought them to the gathering the other night. Hmmmm I must try to find out.


Four in One



We walked into this shop. Arrow #3 and I were hunting for some nice tops.

We had walked to quite a few places already. No joy.

Then as we were leaving, something caught our eye. The shape of the big bag was cute. We checked the price. It was reasonable. Then I opened it up to see what was inside. Expecting stuffed paper I asked Arrow #3 to come closer so I could pass her the stuffing whilst I checked for inside compartments.

Imagine our surprise when we realised that there was a smaller bag inside.

Then our surprise grew when we opened that one to find yet another smaller bag.

You would think that we would be sufficiently surprised by the time we got to the fourth bag.
IMG_4647Well, the other major surprise was that the original already-reasonable price was not for one bag, but for all four. That was SUCH an amazing deal, Arrow #3 and I got a set each!


When Small Things Make A Big Impact


I didn’t think I had done much.

Thought it was the least someone ought to do to help.

Small matter but it made a difference I guess.

So they got together and did a special card.

They took the time to find a card.

And then to write on it

And what’s more, to decorate it!
IMG_3969This small gesture, to me, means more than they know. Thankfulness is such a rare thing amongst young ones these days. So thankful for their thanks.


Putting It Back On


So I went to swim.

And felt good for it.

Then I went to office the next day.

And found this was delivered for us.

IMG_5074Lovely local cakes called kuih….

The yellow one was corn flavoured – so rich. The multi-coloured one was pandan and santan – lovely combination. The brown and yellow stripe was an amazing aromatic and flavourful coffee one.

And yes, I have put on all the weight, and more, for sure!


Swim Win



I need it! I really do! I need to make time for it! But time can be so scarce…..

Thankfully I have my Arrow to prod me on. She comes home from work (WORK no less!) and tells me that I ought to go with her to the swimming pool.

So I finally get some workout. No excuses. Just plain plod-along-and-go.

swimFeels grrrrreat!


Kept Waiting



This gaudily bright package is three months old. We saw the contents in a shop and immediately decided that it would make a perfect gift for Arrow#3 so we bought it.Purple01 1The problem was trying to keep it hidden from her until it was time for her birthday.

So I did the most practical thing to do – hid it in plain sight… in a different way. I wrapped it up and left it out. She can’t touch it till her birthday and I can be assured that she won’t discover it too early.

Mean right? Haha

Well tomorrow then…


Special Shopping



Hubby went shopping … It’s Arrow #3’s eighteenth birthday coming up. It’s special. So he went looking and sent me lots of images of what he found. Images like these.IMG_5212Not bad, right? But it’s not our dear birthday gal’s taste. She’s not into this sort of jewellery.

So he had to walk more, send more and check out more. Finally by the end of the day we were successful. I even drove all the way over to the hypermall where he was to take a personal look.

And yes, we did get her pearls but not these ones.





Creating awareness is half the battle?

Understand that we can help?

Don’t be a passive observer?

Make a difference even in one life?

I was at a high tea. Nice sit-down event. Lovely decor with live flowers, in a five-star hotel. Lovely setting to be introduced to an ugly topic.

IMG_5192Human trafficking. Slavery. The statistics are staggering. The images are riveting. The problems are frightening.

There are more slaves today than any other time in history.

And it’s happening even at our doorstep. We can’t ignore them anymore. We can’t claim ignorance anymore. Some of us even treat our household helpers in the same way. The shock on the faces of some is evident.

Now the need to act and not merely talk…?


Important Focus Factor


Yesterday I was at a Ladies High Tea.
HighTeaThere were performances of dance and music, but the main focus was on the topic of human trafficking – something we see increasingly on the rise. It was to create awareness and to encourage support for the victims and for those who help. Quite an afternoon of enlightenment.

It was almost contrary to see the pictures and photos of people abused and trapped contrasting with those who performed. The dancers  had beautiful costumes and moved with freedom, pirouetting and leaping gracefully across the stage. What lovely outfits and makeup.

Then there were the instrumentals – a young lady doing a solo on her violin before being accompanied by her equally accomplished younger sibling on his guitar. I couldn’t help but wonder how many rescued victims would be able to pick up an instrument and learn. Of course, some accessories and replacements are affordable and easily obtained. It still remains however, for these young ones, often aged 13-17 years, to be freed… or to not fall into the trap in the first case. Yes, a good few hours spent, for a lasting impact.

Mud Magic



I tell my children that this is special. Does it look like clay to you? Well, it isn’t. It’s mud. And not just any mud. This, dear friends and readers, is Dead Sea Mud. The real stuff. Not the manufactured and doctored stuff. This is straight from the Dead Sea itself.MudSuper alkaline. Super strong. Super concentrate.

Developed from years of input and not output at 400m below sea level, this is not only pure but also seems to have health improving properties. There is very little pollen and similar allergens in this area. Located at such incredible depth below sea level, the UV rays from the sun don’t penetrate the higher atmospheric pressure. In fact, the Dead Sea is a popular spot for health and cosmetic seekers.

Which brings me back to this. I carried it all the way back… and when I put it on, my skin feels great! So I am now suggesting to my Arrow to share small portions of this with his bandmates. That way, they can look their best!

Men with Mud. Can you just see it? Haha!