Important Focus Factor

Yesterday I was at a Ladies High Tea.
HighTeaThere were performances of dance and music, but the main focus was on the topic of human trafficking – something we see increasingly on the rise. It was to create awareness and to encourage support for the victims and for those who help. Quite an afternoon of enlightenment.

It was almost contrary to see the pictures and photos of people abused and trapped contrasting with those who performed. The dancers  had beautiful costumes and moved with freedom, pirouetting and leaping gracefully across the stage. What lovely outfits and makeup.

Then there were the instrumentals – a young lady doing a solo on her violin before being accompanied by her equally accomplished younger sibling on his guitar. I couldn’t help but wonder how many rescued victims would be able to pick up an instrument and learn. Of course, some accessories and replacements are affordable and easily obtained. It still remains however, for these young ones, often aged 13-17 years, to be freed… or to not fall into the trap in the first case. Yes, a good few hours spent, for a lasting impact.

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