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An Acquired Taste



Hubby’s place of work has a new stall opening up. It’s exciting because it’s based on one of my favourite fruits- the durian!

This, people, is durian puff!
IMG_6496Light pastry on the outside. It’s almost entirely filled with the creamy, tasty, rich durian mixture. A mouthful is to be savoured slowly. A mouthful is never enough. A mouthful is precursor to the next. And the next. And the next puff!

And now, if you will excuse me, I believe I hear the puffs calling my name… .Haha!


Post Easter



It was time to clear up after the Easter celebrations. I went to collect my basket which I had loaned to the young people as part of their props. I missed my basket – I use it in the family area.

When I got to the hall and looked for my basket, I realised there were still things inside. On peeking in, this is what I found. Aren’t they delightfully coloured? I wonder how they did the gold ones so beautifully. These young people can be so creative!IMG_6543It seemed a shame to unpack the lovely display to take my basket, so I walked off and left it. Oh, I didn’t leave empty handed though. I took something – a photo!


The Best Sunsets



It was another blisteringly hot day. Felt like we were ice cream as the sweat poured off us. To make matters worse, the air conditioning unit was faulty.

By evening however, all the conditions were set for a glorious sunset. So Hubby and I headed to the seaside. The South China Sea.


Isn’t it a wonderful sight? Daily a new painting. Never the same. That’s what it’s like.
IMG_6433I love where I live.




It was a seemingly minor error. I had driven into the porch. We now have an extra car for the children to use. So I drove to the left a little, to make way for the third car to park in the middle. Lo and behold, I accidentally clip a step. It seemed an insignificant bump and I continued to manoeuvre the car into parking position.

When I got out of the car, I heard this awfully loud hiss.

I looked for the source of the sound. It was the front left tyre. That little clip had cost me an entire tyre.

Thankful that Arrow #1 was around to help with the change. The old tyre was on rather tight and it took quite a lot of effort to get it off. But after that, it was easy.  IMG_6471Thankful, yes very thankful, that he is around these days Ha!


Cheerful Start to the Day



Decided to make my own breakfast. No one else wanted any, so decided to make it simple. And fun. IMG_6505SO many things to be thankful for….


Review and Remove



So it’s twenty-four hours post-operation. It’s time for a review and to remove the drain in situ.IMG_5940The doctor does the removal very professionally and despite his huge hands, is super gentle and kind. We are indeed thankful. Arrow #3 is healing well. Mobilizing well and coping well with the pain too.

One phrase keeps reverberating in my mind – thankful to the Lord indeed.

Eventful Week



Arrow #3 had to have some minor surgery done. Since most of us are mostly in good health, we hardly knew what to do for admission procedures and the like. Felt like a novice even though I have some training before. That was well over 20 years ago of course, and many things have changed.
IMG_6080Still, what little I recall was enough to go by. And lots of help from wonderful kind friends! What grace!

She was in and out the same day, with a small drain in situ. Then, it was home to rest whilst Momma nursed her. It made good mother-daughter bonding time…


A Love Affair



Yes I am happily married, and have been so for over 30 years.

I refer to my passion, my desire, my love for these! Fountain pens!

I just love being able to write smoothly and nicely in cursive writing. Hmmmm I wonder if anyone knows what cursive writing is these days. It started in school but also from my maternal grandfather. He and my Mom had the most amazingly beautiful handwriting and I wanted to emulate them. So when I could afford them and when I wasn’t so busy, I got myself these lovely works of art.

My passion also runs along the colours of ink. I used to function with only one bottle. But not any more. I now have blue-black, green, purple and turquoise blue. No, my list isn’t in order of my preference. Which colour I use depends entirely on my mood except the blue-black which is for more formal.

“Wait”, I hear you say. “That’s four colours and three pens.”

Well spotted. That was an old photo. Here’s a more recent one!FountainPens4Taaadaaa!


Purple Output


So I had a craving for this fruit.
IMG_5722It was in season and in abundance. So very yummy, juicy without being too sweet. Loved it so much that I ate and ate and ate. It slithered down the throat so nicely that I didn’t realise how much I had.

So much that it affected my output, scaring me like …..! Wondered what had happened to me!

Took me a good twenty minutes to calm down and figure out that what goes in comes out too…. Phew!


Fruit Platter


So I started off with being undecided. I had to go for a gathering but didn’t want to go empty-handed. I opened the larder and there wasn’t anything there that I could conjure up in a jiffy. Time was running out.

I pulled open the fridge door. For a change, we had lots of fruits! Reaching in to grab some of the fruit that were contrasting in colour, I then started to cut.

Along the way, I was surprised at the way things turned out. Do you like it?
IMG_5771I do! Made it mouthwateringly nice!