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Appearances As We Age


Recent talk amongst folks of my age has concentrated a lot on appearance and how we can age but do so gracefully. One friend however, discussed how she has been increasingly dropping hair. She was indeed distressed even though many of us have tried to assure her that she looks fine. Other friends have encouraged her to check out the raquel welch wigs which are supposed to be rather good.

There is no history of baldness in my family. So it is rather unlikely that I will need the use of any wigs. Having said that, I would not mind going bald if I had the right shaped head…. I think! Best I not speak too soon though! I still have a fairly full head of hair Haha!

Another Unexpected Visitor


It just lay there, as if stunned, near the window. I thought perhaps it had hit the glass and had winded itself. It must have flown into the house accidentally and was trying to make its way out.

So I picked it up and took it outside, intending to let it go.
IMG_5608It looked at me with its sad eyes.

Then it closed its eyes!

I tried to wake it up. There were no apparent injuries and it didn’t wince at anything I touched.

It was indeed a sad moment when despite my attempts, it refused to be revived.

I left it in a flower pot nearby. Thinking perhaps it would fly away by itself later.

Alas, when I came back, it had indeed left the pot, but only because my helper had taken it away….


Says it all



Crown of Glory



Last week I decided to make use of some of these crowns to give away. But before I did so, I added a Bible verse and a my trademark butterfly. Then placed each into a marked envelope and had a great time giving them away.

I gave them to Moms. “New” Moms. Moms who asked me to be a spiritual Mom to them, and a spiritual GranMom to their babies. (I know, right? So sweet of them!) IMG_6947The verse that I felt led to share with them? A verse which was significant for me personally. A verse which leapt out at me one day as I was reading. A verse which seemed apt for these lovely ladies.

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand,
    a royal diadem in the hand of your God.” 

Isaiah 62:3

Yes, they were blessed. They really liked it. Some allowed their children to play with them…. which was, in part, why I chose children sized crowns….

Nourishing and Cooked in Minutes


Hubby found a new way to cook eggs – microwave them!

I have adapted his technique below because I dont like my eggs in the oats. So I put mine separate. Now I also put a clear glass cover over the eggs so they dont splatter all over inside the oven.

This makes a nice, nourishing, filling meal in the morning. What with the peanuts added… yum!

IMG_7085Tomorrow I might add fruit instead!


Beautiful Visitor



It just sat there. Waiting for me to pick it up. It didn’t seem to mind my doing so. Almost didn’t want to leave. Strange behaviour. Seemed content to linger and stay. IMG_6744I had just been mulling about butterflies the day before. They are special to me. Amazed to see one come by.

Thankful for this special experience. Didn’t know it would be possible to do this in my own garden!


A Flashback to the Past



It was one of those rare days when I was just coming home at that time of the day. This van came along, tooting its horn. It did a swerve as it came into view and parked in front of my neighbour’s house. Almost before as the van came to a complete halt, the driver was out of the door. He strode to the back of his van and flung up the door. Then he stood waiting.

The neighbour came. My children went. It was treats time. Not a common sight these days. A van that bears bread, snacks and tidbits. This brought back memories. It would be a treat for us. My grandfather had a little tin pot of loose change just for such moments. It always felt special to be given permission to go to his table, pull open the top drawer and carefully select the allocated amount per child. It would be a proud moment to make sure that the correct amount was given to Grandpa and he would then allow us to choose. We learned simple mathematics. We learned to bargain with each other. We learned what was of value and what would be longer lasting. Those were the days. Long gone indeed….

IMG_6630I bought a little something just to encourage the old man that we would still welcome his services…. I hope he will continue for a long time more.