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Fast Food





There is fast food and there is fast food. The ones I knew before were often oil-saturated and not very healthy. Imagine my surprise when we realised that there was an alternative.

Here is Hubby queueing up. We had taken a bus to this huge mall. After wandering about, we got a little peckish and decided to get a meal. We noticed what seemed to be quite a filling warm meal being served at this counter.


After a little wait, Hubby came over to where I had sat down, booking some seats and resting my feet.

This is what he brought over. He had a beef stew and I had a baked potato.IMG_8160

The beef was surprisingly tender. The sauce, just nice. IMG_8162Loved the sour cream that went with the baked potato!

Hubby and I struggled to finish the big portions. Are these Australian portions? Yum!