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A Special House



There is an interesting boat house. Right in the middle of the waters off Perth, perched above the waves, all by itself. It is supposed to be very expensive and the last one of its kind …. or so I am told…. in that area.


Apparently it is also the most expensive boat house there is! Something about the owner originally not being keen to sell when others around were. The owner supposedly held out for a long time thereby increasing the price…. or something like that! IMG_8465

Kings Hill Park


The most amazing walk.


With good company


Splendid weather.


Fantastic views

IMG_8451Definitely worth a visit. It was good the night before but my camera wasn’t up to it. This day however, made me feel like I wanted to settle there. Haha!










It’s winter. It’s windy. But it’s beautiful too.

From Fremantle we make our way to the nearby scnenic Cottesloe Beach.


How can anyone go into the water? It looks so cold! I am told they surf there and have lots of activities during the summer. The winds whip up the big waves as they splash against the rocks and roll onto the sand. IMG_6862I wish I could stay longer. It feels like a place of special encounters. Haha!