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Eating Tomatoes



Here’s a novel way to encourage the tucking in of tomatoes!

Wash and slice them nicely.

Add some pickled sour plum pieces.

Stab a picnic fork in it.

Place in muffin style holders.


A delicious treat indeed. IMG_7223

Phew Phew Phew


I had gone to see someone at their office to discuss some matters. Prior to going, I had been listening to some music. When I got there, I did my usual – put my precious headphones in my little pot and close the pot. I distinctively recall taking the pot down instead of putting it in my handbag. Then I went into the office.

Later, as I left, I didn’t notice if I took the little container with me. Off I drove to my next destination.

I sat down to wait to be called. To my horror, I couldn’t find the precious little cream box. I searched every pocket and section of my handbag as well as the computer bag. It was not to be found.

I called the previous place I went to . They searched and no, it wasn’t there. I had visions of visiting Yamaha at MF to get another set. After all they would be the ones I can trust…

Then I decided to try one more place.

After my appointment, I headed to my car. It was raining. I made a dash for it. I unlocked the car doors and hopped in.

And there it was. Sitting happily at the section near the gears. What a relief! I really like these ones….